Mamahood Stamp of Approval



MAMAHOOD has always believed in empowering all MOM OWNED BUSINESSES.  We decided to create the MH stamp as a form of RECOGNITION and allow our business  to show that they are part of the MAMAHOOD village.  

MAMAHOOD has been built on the idea of community, one that supports & encourages each other and with that support, help each other to grow.  The MAMAHOOD STAMP of APPROVAL has brought a lot of excitement to the MAMAHOOD FAMILY.  It stands as a sign of SUPPORT and brings a UNDERSTANDING among our MAMA’s that they will go to you first to show their SUPPORT and LOVE.  

The stamp has become synonymous with a high standard of SERVICE and QUALITY of our MAMAHOOD APPROVED businesses.  In addition having our team of reviewers write reviews for our businesses that carry our stamp which ensures you that they are living up to the MAMAHOOD promise.  Just another way to spread the love of our mom-owned businesses.

There is an added benefit for all our approved businesses to have a extra advertising opportunity which comes into play with the CHAIN REACTION. The chain reactions allows all mom owned businesses to take part.  So look out for the CHAIN REACTION graphic every THURSDAY on the MAMAHOOD groups.  

If you are interested in becoming a MAMAHOOD approved business you are welcome to email us your business facebook link to 

We truly want the MAMAHOOD STAMP of APPROVAL to be a sign of RECOGNITION that you are part of the MAMAHOOD VILLAGE. Our members will know to SHOP inside the MAMAHOOD family first and to SUPPORT all LOCAL business. By carrying the MH stamp of approval you agree to conduct a business that is ETHICAL and of a high standard of SERVICE and QUALITY to maintain the INTEGRITY of being MAMAHOOD APPROVED.




With love,

Candice & Lizanne