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This book is brilliant, funny, clever and oh so creative!  Written by Drew Daywalt and perfectly illustrated by one of our favourite author and illustrators Oliver Jeffers.

Duncan decides to take his crayons out only to find a stack of letters from his protesting crayons!

Red Crayon feels he works harder than any other crayon even on holidays like Christmas when he has to colour Santa and hearts for Valentine’s Day.


Grey crayon is very tired ‘cos he has to colour all the big animals like elephants and hippos and rhinos! Why can’t Duncan choose a pebble or a baby penguin he says.

White crayon feels empty.

Green crayon is very happy and congratulates Duncan on a very successful colouring things green career so far,  but he is worried about his friends orange crayon and yellow crayon who both feel they should be the colour of the sun.


And poor beige crayon, he does not get to colour anything except wheat & no one gets excited about wheat, do they!

Blue crayon enjoys being Duncan’s favourite color but he needs a break!! And Pink crayon is cross with Duncan because it was only used ONCE in the past year an he feels unused.

We love this book and have been reading it every night since we got it.

An absolute must read. Calin says it is favourite picture book at the moment and reads it to his brother every night.

Happy Reading



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