The Mamahood Way

The Mamahood Way

Our Mamahood philosophy is to uplift, encourage, support and celebrate all moms


Our goal for MAMAHOOD is to create a platform where you can easily find everything to do with mom’s all under one roof. Be it an interesting article from one of our Guest Writers or a great contact from our business directory, even having your questions answered by one of our many respected experts in the field.

The MAMAHOOD facebook groups were created for moms to come and connect with other moms in a kind and positive environment.  These groups were divided into regions across South Africa so moms could feel the support of being part of a local community.  

Not only does it provide a place of support for our moms but also a great platform for our local mom owned businesses to showcase their products and services.  Because of the success of our facebook groups our website came into fruition.  We are so excited to be able to bring all our moms together from across the country and unite our MAMAHOOD village.   

We took heed of what our moms want and respond to.  By doing so we designed some amazing elements to keep our moms even more connected on a South African level.  A forum that will bring you a wider wealth of advice from every mom across the country.  This forum will be available to you once you become a member on our MAMAHOOD website.

Our directory came about because MAMAHOOD has always been about empowering local businesses and providing the best platform to get exposure. Every business listed on our directory has been recommended by a MAMAHOOD mom.  As a busy mom, it is extremely important & necessary to be able to come to a place to find businesses that are reliable, trustworthy and recommended by other moms.

We are extremely proud to have you part of our MAMAHOOD village and we will continue to strive to bring you the best experience and a complete sense of belonging.  We are honoured to share in every moment in your MAMAHOOD journey.


We are so fortunate to have received these kind words from our

fellow peers and members who have been an integral part of our journey …


Ally Cohen – Business – 4aKid

“With social media bringing mommies together, Mamahood has changed the way mommies interact with each other. From basic baby advice to personal adult issues, Mamahood moms are always there to offer support and help. Candice and Lizanne have created a safe place where moms can just chat and be themselves. Mamahood has also changed the way we do business online. With opportunities to advertise our products on the Mamahood groups, the exposure that I get for my products to my target market is invaluable. Mamahood is the way of the future and I don’t miss a day of reading posts on the group. Thank you Candice and Lizanne for the most awesome mommy groups that rock! Keep up the amazing work.”

Laura Russel – Mamahood Member

“Since joining the Mamahood FB page, I have – booked a magician, found the best place get a toddler’s hair cut, dished out advice on dealing with fevers, received advice on potty training, and thoroughly enjoyed reading interesting stories, receiving wisdom, and finding comfort and support from other moms who just totally GET IT. I have made great new friends, and even launched a new business with someone I wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for Mamahood. I joined when the group was still fairly small but in spite of its rapid growth, the sense of community has not been lost – thanks to the care and attention of its founders, Lizanne and Candice, who truly are Super Women. It’s the first page I look at when I open Facebook and the last one I check when I go to bed – I think it’s fair to say I am addicted to this wonderful community of moms!”

Claire Winson – Business – EntrepreneurMom

“The MAMAHOOD groups have been invaluable to growing my business, right from when I first launched. By taking advantage of their Monday Advertising special and Thursday Chain Reaction, I have grown my Facebook following exponentially. It has been a priceless platform for business networking and I have also found other moms services that I’ve used within my business as well. A truly powerful online tool for South African moms, whether you want to market to your local community, or to nationally. I cannot wait to see what comes next!”

Meg Faure – OT & Author – Parent with Sense

“Human beings are hardwired to connect, network and inter-depend on others. It’s just the way we are. We go through life forming connections and depending on others. And life in general facilitates this interconnectivity. From school to work, we connect and spend time with others.  Then along comes motherhood. A baby and a partner and a new family should really create an opportunity for engagement and connection but in fact – the opposite is often true.  Becoming a new mom can be the most isolated many women have felt in their lives. After the excitement of pregnancy, a baby brings with it the need for quiet, routine and a whole lot of anxiety.  For some moms, the need to maintain a routine and manage the demands of a new life is isolating.

For another mom, the anxiety of caring for a new life and the fear of criticism from others drives her to ‘hole’ herself up.For others, the fact that she doesn’t get out to work and loses contact with friends (whose lives seem to simply carry on) can be isolating.  Whatever it is – many new moms feel a great sense of isolation. In generations gone by, a mom would join a mom and baby group, attend a support group once a month maybe or move in with her family.

With the advent of the Internet, has come a range of online ‘mom communities’ – places where women can connect, share their challenges and be way less isolated.These virtual coffee shops are vital and are protective for moms – helping them to feel supported and part of an extended community where others are going through the same.  It’s a wonderful fact of modern technology and a very real support for those who otherwise could feel literally out on a limb.”

Maritza Maz Halliday – Blogger – Caffeine & Fairydust

“I can’t remember how I came across the Mamahood Facebook pages, all I know is that I was pregnant with my second baby and being the first of my friends to have kids – I felt extremely lonely. I joined Mamahood Cape Town group to find a sense of community, but ended up getting so much more. I started my blog, Caffeine And Fairydust, in September  2014 and shared one of my posts on the Mamahood Facebook page… one thing led to another and soon I had thousands of readers popping by daily… My blog’s success is largely due to Candice and Lizanne opening their hearts and letting me use Mamahood as a platform. Thank you so much for this wonderful initiative! I have finally found my village.”

Cera-Tan Horner – Business – Cera-Tan Mobile Hairstyling

“I joined Mamahood just a few months ago, and the response to my new and small business has been quite overwhelming. We are growing from strength to strength on a daily basis, soon I will have to hire more people to work alongside me as we are getting to a point where the feedback is more we can handle.

Thank you for creating a platform for moms like myself to promote our businesses, I was scared to go mobile as I didn’t think I would be able to make ends meet, but here I am almost four months later amazed at the response.

Thank you thank you thank you.”

Laverne Vermeulen – Blogger – Shell Shocked Mommy

“I am not sure you hear this enough but the Mamahood group is THE most awesome community I have ever come across.  It answers everything, it has fun, connecting mothers.  The kindness that is displayed in there and the understanding.  We don’t feel judged, I barely have to ask because I just need to scroll someone will have asked.  I don’t feel alone at all.I have never seen anything like it in my life. Every time I see something amazing. I wonder if you guys are aware of what you have created.

Its incredible.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Angela Howell – Business – Momma Owl

“Thank you so very much!  I am so grateful for Mamahood!  You have really helped my little business to grow and get me closer to moving out of my cubicle and closer to home.  

Thank you so so so much. I really am where I am because of Mamahood.”

Mandy Miller – Blogger – Pregnant in Cape Town

“Mamahood has made such a difference in my world, as both a mommy and a blogger. As a mommy; I love having a safe place to go and share my fears, worries, concerns and celebrations and also being able to offer love and support to other mommies when needed. As a blogger I have found a heart home; the Mamahood Way is absolutely in line with my own ~ wanting to create a safe, loving mommy community where no mommy feels alone in their journey, as well as wanting to build up and hold up other mommies in all they do. The support and belief in me and my skills has been wonderful.”

Julie Hide – Online Magazine – Parenting Hub

“Whether there is a mom in need of encouragement, advice, looking for the ideal gift or just looking for a safe place to vent about how tough being a mommy is – there is always a mom right there to hold a virtual hand in the Mamahood Village.  The Mamahood platform provides the ideal way for moms to connect each day on topics that are prevalent to the challenges that we all face as mothers.

Being a working mom, I am not always able to attend mommy get togethers, the Mamahood Groups provide the perfect interaction for the busy mom.

As a daily contributor to the various Mamahood groups, it is a privilege to contribute to the lives of the Mamahood Moms each morning.”

Paula Broadhurst – Online Magazine – Tums 2 Tots

“No matter how prepared you think you may be when planning a family, nothing prepares you for this change in your life like the real thing.  But don’t let that put you off….parenting is a series of ups and downs with joys and mishaps, and luckily the good times outweigh the bad!  You will sleep again, your baby will survive nappy rash, you will re-pass all the grades at primary school…a positive attitude and a lot of reading material helps. And this is where these fabulous platforms come into play.  Media platforms such as the Mamahood groups and Tums 2 Tots Online Magazine offer you tips and tricks at your fingertips.”

Marina Goetze – Remedial Therapist – Mind Set Learning

“Having a platform like MAMAHOOD where I can meet, talk with and get advice from other mom’s has be invaluable to me. One of the things that I love most about MAMAHOOD is seeing just how generous and how willing moms are to help anyone in need. The community spirit and outreach displayed here, gives me such hope for a brighter future. And of course, MAMAHOOD is my favourite place to vent about my day, my work, my child… only because I know that the other moms will understand exactly where I am coming from and offer valued support, making me feel better in no time.  Having a network of moms at my fingertips has truly changed my life for the better.”

Lynne Huysamen – Business – Kaboutjie

“Mamahood is a wonderful community for moms to connect, ask questions and support each other. As a business owner in the baby industry I being able to promote my business in Mamahood very beneficial. I also find a lot of the members recommending my business to other members. Thank you for a great community.”

With love,

Candice & Lizanne



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