Our MAMAHOOD philosophy is to uplift, encourage, support and celebrate all moms. We sometimes forget how much we can inspire one another and therefore we want to create a community to do just that. Becoming a new mom is such an amazing experience filled with joy and wonderment, this can also be very demanding and somewhat isolating in today’s modern world.  Having the opportunity to connect with other moms going through the very same changes as you are, is so very helpful to make us feel more connected and accepted. It is important for us to embrace our local communities whether you are a writer or blogger, whether you have a small mom owned business or are a career women, we want to provide a place where we can all come together to support each other and grow together.  Our goal for MAMAHOOD is to create a platform where you can easily find everything to do with mom’s all under one roof. Be it a interesting article from one of our local bloggers or a great contact from one of our mom owned shops, a swim class in your neighbourhood or even having your questions answered by one of our many experts in the field, all of this will be available to you on our website which will be launching soon.


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