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Facts about ASD

  • Developmental disabilities such as ASD are brain-based, neurological conditions that have more to do with biology than with psychology

  • Not one person with ASD is affected in the same way

  • ASD is usually diagnosed by the time a child is 3 years old

  • ASD is found in every country, every ethnic group, and very socio-economic class

  • Autism is diagnosed four times as often in boys than in girls

  • Children who are diagnosed with ASD need early intervention as soon as possible #NoSpecialNeedsJustHumanNeeds#KhanyisaCentre

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What causes ASD?

ASD is thought to have a genetic component which results in atypical neurological development and functioning. A lot of research is being done to try and find the cause of autism, but as yet there are no definite answer.

There is agreement however that autism is no-one’s fault. It is not a parent fault that their child has been born with autism.

It is NOT a psychological or emotional disorder.

It is NOT the result of bad parenting and children with ASD do NOT choose to misbehave. Misbehaviour are often reactions to the environment and are expressions of the difficulties people with ASD experience.

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Autism Awareness Month

#AutismAwarenessMonth .... We are going to be highlighting Autism, what it is, who it affects people and what we can all do to be more inclusive. #NoSpecialNeedsJustHumanNeeds#KhanyisaCentre

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Competition time!!!!

Win with Hakuna Matata 

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Kids Arts, Crafts and Baking Classes

Zig-Zag Kids Springs is all about fun while learning.

Join us for fun filled Arts, Crafts and Baking Classes from the 5th of May 2018.

For more information please contact me on 061 211 8826

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Let's get this Party Started

Hi Mama's, Hakuna Matata Party Planners will be opening in Ballito on the 1.7.2018. Email us now to book your party. 

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