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Body Toning Kit


Besides regular exercise, there is more that can be done to develop a healthy toned appearance.

#AloeBodyToningKit is designed to help trim, tone and tighten your body.

Get your Summer Body!

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Very gentle top-to-toe wash

Very Top To Toe Wash 250ml Min

LoveBoo Very gentle top-to-toe wash Now Only R125!

Only kind & gentle ingredients make it into our award-winning top-to-toe wash, leaving delicate skin and hair silky, conditioned and moisturised. Keeping your cuties kissably clean!

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Soft & shiny shampoo

Natural Shampoo 250ml Min

LoveBoo Soft & shiny shampoo Now Only R150!

At last! A natural shampoo that’s tough on tangles yet leaves busy hair soft, shiny, manageable and smelling
delightful! Our family shampoo is full of luxurious ingredients, yet gentle on scalps and suitable for all hair types.

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Soft & shiny conditioner

Natural Conditioner 250ml Min

LoveBoo Soft & shiny conditioner Now Only R150!

Make stubborn knots a thing of the past with our mega-moisturising conditioner! Hair will feel softer and shinier with this amazing anti-frizz formula. Use after shampooing to leave hair super-silky, manageable, brushing drama and tantrum-free!

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Silky soft body wash

Body Wash 250ml Min

LoveBoo Mummy Silky soft body wash Now Only R175!

An ultra-moisturising and nourishing wash which helps keep skin supple and exceedingly soft. Our ‘uplifting’ fragrance is created from lemon, ginger, mandarin and grapefruit to awaken your senses.

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Super stretchy miracle oil

Miracle Oil 100ml & Box New2 Min

LoveBoo Super Stretchy Miracle Oil Now only R250!

100% natural and packed with the most luxurious and super-effective ingredients, this blend of wonder oils helps banish stretch marks, evens out skin tone, helps fade the appearance of scars and leaves skin supple. Wow!

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Tutu sets and tutu dresses

Textgram 1505398783

Don't miss out on our 20% discount until end of September on all our tutu sets

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