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Personalised mouse pads

  • Perfect accessories for homes, schools, events or offices. Contact is on 072 890 0552

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Wooden coasters

A great & unique way to promote your artwork with something functional such as coasters. Contact us on 072 890 0552 and we will gladly assit.

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Why removing the Barrier does not work

"We cannot make everyone equal, but we can aim to give everyone equal opportunities. Herein lies the difference: opportunities. Do not take the fence away – give children the boxes. Give them a toolkit to live life and to learn through adversity. "

Should we remove the barrier?

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Super EXCITED to be speaking at the @Mannatechmoms event happening on the 8th and 10th March 2018 @The Tokai Library.  See all the mommies there! 


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Valentines day by Salty Sistas

Get you Valentines day shopping done NOW! Limited Stock. Beautiful Himalayan Salt Massage Stones, Candle Holders and Lamps for your special one. Order before 9th Feb for Valentines delivery....

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Name Bears

Baby-Fings specializes in handmade custom and personalized toys.

Contact me for orders:


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Function Photography

Email for our function packages.

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