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Cuddle blankies

Cuddle blankies made from 2 different materials and different ribbons to help with sensory development and comfort baby. 

R50 each. 

Courier option available or collect Broadacres

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Foam threading shapes

Foam shapes with holes to practice threading. 

4 Different shapes per pack, R25 per pack. 

Courier option available or collect Broadacres

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Purposeful play

Structured play also known as play with purpose, combines a learning objective with an enjoyable activity. This is the foundation of learning. So, if you want your child to learn some life skills, numbers and letters, sitting down with crayons, workbooks and flashcards is not going to cut it. To really engage in learning these skills should be taught through structured play.

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Floral Sleeveless Dress

Floral Sleeveless Dress


Available Size: S, M, L, XL

Available Color: Black and White

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My First Few Days of School have been...

The first term (and first days) of school for the younger children can be very challenging for both parents and children. 

I am always on the lookout for books that parents can read with their children to assist in these situations. 

My current favourite for discussing school is 'The Things I Love About School' by Trace Moroney.

It allows for parents to talk about school with their child in a fun and exciting way. 

"My classroom is really interesting." 

The book tells us about what is interesting in the character's class. A simple question "What does your classroom look like?" can be used to start a conversation about your child's classroom. The paragraph talks about what is in the character's classroom. Your child and you can compare and contrast the character's classroom to his/her classroom.

I love the book because at the back of the book is a section called "Notes for Parents and Caregivers" that explains the author's perspective and reasons for the book.



*'The Things I Love About School' is part of a series called 'The things I Love About ...'

I bought my copies from Bargain Books (they had the most competitive prices as well as being one of the only stores where I found the full series).

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Enjoy the weekend

with the people you love ...

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