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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn™ Cookie Shape Surprise

Putting a hand in this smiling cookie jar rewards baby with fun surprises! As they place one of the five cookie shapes into the jar, they’ll be rewarded with sounds to encourage them to try again. Two different modes teach shapes or numbers and it comes with songs and phrases.

Developmental Benefits

  • Encourages reaching and grasping, helping to develop your baby’s hand-eye coordination
  • Introduces an early understanding of shapes, colours and numbers with fun sounds and songs

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Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rhythm ‘n Roll Hedgehog

Hop, jump, and roll into active learning fun with the Fisher-Price® Think & Learn Rhythm 'n Roll Hedgehog! This little buddy packs a ton of learning fun into his round little body to get preschoolers thinking. From spelling simple words and rhyming to turn-taking and paying attention, the Hedgehog's fun & active games cover so many important skills that can help little ones prepare for school. Shake it, roll it, toss it around—there are so many fun ways to make Rhythm 'n Roll Hedgehog speak & play tunes! And it has all sorts of rewarding responses to encourage you to keep moving! There are two unique play modes to keep kids engaged. In Alphabet Actions, preschoolers can take their ABCs to the next level by learning to spell simple words while busting a move—"J! Jump! J, U, M, P!" They'll also practice following directions and taking turns while giving their memory and attention skills a boost. With Musical Motions, kids will roll, shake & toss Hedgehog in fun patterns, practicing their memorizing skills and creating cool tunes. "Follow my pattern! Toss, Shake, Toss, Shake, Toss, Shake!" They'll also get to rock out to a variety of different musical styles, from cool hip hop beats to jazzy tunes, and add fun instrumental sound effects by moving the musical Hedgehog! And with exciting learning games like Rhyme Time, Patterns to the Beat, Rock & Roll Hot Potato, & more, your little one won't want to stop moving & learning with the Rhythm 'n Roll Hedgehog.

Inspiring little learners to be big thinkers™ 
Patterns: Patterning skills are developed as Hedgehog teaches children two and three-part patterns (toss, catch, toss, catch...) and they repeat the actions. 
Letters & Spelling: Preschoolers learn letters and spelling of simple words through fun, musical, turn-taking play. Rhyming: As children toss Hedgehog, he introduces them to rhyming word families by rhyming as many words as he can (cat, hat, sat, mat, etc.).
Taking Turns: The Rhythm 'n Roll Hedgehog easily enables multi-player gameplay, so preschoolers can practice their turn-taking skills while having fun with Hedgehog and their friends.

  • 2 levels of learning fun! Alphabet Actions Musical MotionsMultiple ways to activate learning content & music: shake, roll & toss!
  • Kids can either play independently with Hedgehog or take turns with their friends!
  • Preschoolers can learn new words & actions and practice memorizing patterns, taking turns & following directions all while engaging in active play

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Fisher-Price Franky Beats Bat & Boogie

Boogie on down, baby! Franky Beats™ Bat & Boogie is here to make learning fun and he "grows" along with kids to keep the good times going. Babies can start with a bat-at mode that lights up at their touch; a great intro to cause and effect! Then little ones can boost their fine motor skills and get their learn on by pressing the 4 light-up buttons on Franky Beats' head to activate fun and exciting learning content about shapes, colors and numbers!

Where development comes into play™ 
Gross Motor: Fun music and motions encourage your little one to push, bat-at, shake and groove along.
Sensory: Stimulate your baby's senses with bright, colorful lights, roly-poly motions, and lively tunes. 
Cognitive: Action/reaction activities help develop baby's curiosity and thinking skills as they discover how to bring Franky Beats™ to life! Plus, learning mode content teaches little ones about shapes, numbers and colors.

  • Roly-poly base with bright lights and playful tunes teaches shapes and colors
  • Two modes to grow with baby
  • Baby's touch brings Franky Beats™ to life with lights and music; a great intro to cause & effect!
  • Press light-up buttons on head to discover different colors, shapes and numbers
  • Includes up to 5 minutes of entertaining and educational content

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Fisher-Price Explore & Play Panel

When baby (or mom) needs a fun time-out, the Fisher-Price® Explore & Play Panel puts 6 busy activities right at your tot’s fingertips! There are beads to spin, slide & clack. A roller to bat at and spin. A clicker to twist. Sliders to slide. And mirror play that promotes self-discovery in such a fun way! It’s great for giving your little one’s fine motor skills (and mom’s mood) a big boost at the end of a long day! And this activity toy is perfect for when you’re on the go-go-go, too!

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Fisher-Price Fun Feelings Monster

Monsters have feelings, too! Sometimes they're happy, sometimes they're sad, and sometimes they can be … SURPRISED! With just a bat, baby can send the little monster's roller face spinning and gets to see what each feeling looks like and how it sounds. (The monster shows baby that feelings can change quickly, too!) Plus, your little one will love how this monster feels, his textured ribbon "hair" and soft, squishy arms are fun to touch! Where development comes into play, Sensory: This little monster is sure to excite & engage baby's senses with his bright pops of color, fun textures & different sounds! Listening – Let those feelings out! Each expression plays a sound that helps reinforce the feeling, encouraging baby to listen & respond. Emotions & Self-Expression – It should be no surprise that this sweet face (or faces) & the sounds for each emotion help teach baby about feelings!

  • Baby can bat at the monster’s roller face for 3 different feelings: happy, sad and surprised
  • Fun sounds reinforce each emotion
  • Bright colors, textured ribbon “hair” and squishy arms bring this adorable monster to life!

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Fisher-Price Sensory Sweet Peas

This pod is packed with fun for your teeny-tiny one! The plush, nubby pea pod loaded with crinkle has a high-contrast black & white satin interior for lots of sensory and tactile stimulation. And newborns will have their hands full with the 3 activity "peas" inside: one is a rattle ball, one is a flutter mirror and one is textured all over. There's even a chewy bee for teething – and a link to attach the pod to a diaper bag or stroller for take-along play. What a deliciously fun way to entertain baby almost anywhere! Where development comes into playTM Sensory – Soft, crinkle pod, bee teether and high-contrast black & white interior help give baby's senses a boost. Fine Motor – Activity "peas" featuring a rattle, flutter mirror and all-over texture help foster fine motor skills.

  • Lots of bright colors, textures & sounds for baby to explore
  • Pod is plush and crinkly, with a high-contrast black & white satin inside
  • 3 activity “peas” inside: rattle, flutter mirror & textured
  • Chewy bee teether attached
  • Link for on-the-go play

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Code-a-pillar™ inspires little learners to be big thinkers by encouraging preschoolers to arrange (and rearrange) the easy-to-connect segments in endless combinations, sending Code-a-pillar™ on his path. This learning toy encourages experimentation while developing important skills like problem solving, planning & sequencing and critical thinking. There's no end to the combinations kids can make – mix up the segments and put them back together to send Code-a-pillar™ in a different direction every time!

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