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Dining Room Table & Benches


Designer L!ViNG is currently running a special on our Dining Room sets.

Color of choice


8 Seater 

Brand New

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In South Africa over 600 children die from drowning each year. 10x this drown and survive but with brain damage.


According to recent statistics released by private hospital group Netcare, nearly 72% of near-drownings occur around the home. Three-year-old children seem particularly vulnerable and constitute 45.45% of the total.


Drowning is commonly a silent event. The child makes no noise to alert their parent or carer. According to Dr Miles Bartlett, a paediatric intensivist renowned for his treatment of child near-drownings, babies can drown in just a few centimetres of water in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee.

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Family 457235 960 720

Health awareness: House dust mites thrive in high humidity, so at this time of year it is advised to have them eliminated from your mattresses, pillows and duvets using a highly concentrated UV-C sanitiser. No harmful sprays or chemicals. Call Fresh UV Cleaning, R200 for a mattress and base, R300 for a king mattress and base 083 6792896.

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SAFETY TURTLE is new into South Africa and is a preventive drowning device.

Our drowning statics are horrific, 600 kids die a year and 6000 survive but with brain damage and sadly most drownings occur at home. Pools are not the only danger with children its ponds, water features etc. 

Having experienced this first hand with my niece who was 2 at the time i can't express just how quickly and silently it happens.

This wonderful system will alert you with a VERY loud alarm should the child come into contact with any water source. The system is portable so you can take it on holiday, kiddies parties, social gathering etc.

It gives you those much needed "eyes on the back of your head" for those 2 minutes to get a glass or look down on your phone to send a message.

We do not leave home without ours and my 23 month old son now asks for his Turtle.

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Custom Wallpaper

Letter Head Art   Pricelist Page 001 Guys!

Please go check out my FB page and website.

I do Customized wallpaper, from kiddies rooms to corporate walls.

You can reach me by FB,

079 755 2607

Charne Coetzer

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Aviary Image 1479281192946

All maternity vests with Baby Footprints R115

All maternity T-shirts with Peek-a-Boo baby R200 WITH print

Stock is very limited so be sure to get your order in quick :)

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Book your shoot now!!

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We love that so many people want to have shoots with us but we do get the few people that ask for a shoot within a weeks notice and then unfortunately we cant help them and then we look like the bad ones.

Please, book your shoot as early as possible, we get people booking shoots a few months ahead of time even. Most shoots are for cake smashes so you should know more or less of the time that you would like to do your shoot, dont hesitate, book your shoot before its to late!

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