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Workshop Series for Parents of 7-10 year olds!


Tools for Having "The Talks" with 7-10 year olds will be held over the first three Saturday mornings in March!

Come learn what information your child should have about their bodies, safety and touching, as well as family creation and sex. You will also learn how to have these conversations with your children in a way that makes you a safe person to talk to about such things, and a resource for your child if they ever need to talk about these things.

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Little Kickers provides boys and girls from 18 months to 7 years, a positive introduction to sport through coaching high quality football skills in a fun, "Play not Push", pressure-free environment. Little Kickers promotes: Physical Development, Balance, Coordination, Numeracy skills, Confidence, Dexterity, Agility, Creativity, Independence, Sharing, Teamwork, Fitness, Listening, Kindness, Learning, Awareness, Values, Enjoyment, Social Skills, Language Development, and FUN!We've got it all covered! 4 unique classes are offered:

Little Kicks (18months - 2,5yrs)

Junior Kicks (2,5yrs - 3,5yrs)

Mighty Kickers (3,5yrs - 5yrs)

Mega Kickers (5yrs - 7yrs)

Have a look at our video:

Contact Toma: 078 232 1331 / / Facebook @littlekickerspretoriaeast

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Success Story

Philip Hughes

After having successfully sleep trained our first child by implementing the Baby Love programme, we always knew we would most definitely use the programme with our second child as we saw the positive effect on Cameron's overall development. 

We met with Jacqui just before Philip (Cameron's baby-brother) turned 5 months old, but sadly he got Pneumonia that same week and was admitted to hospital - sleep training took a back seat. Three weeks later and after so many exhausting nights we were desperate. I think Philip learnt so many bad habits from his stay in hospital as there was no structured routine and when he finally fell asleep, he would be woken up by nurses to be nebulized. I would push a bottle in his mouth every 10 minutes out of desperation to stop his crying and to get him to sleep, it was a nightmare! Things got worse when he was discharged. He woke up frequently, refused to sleep by himself, we had to push him in his pram or rock him to sleep. As soon as he saw his cot he would start crying. He didn't sleep during the day and was up every 40 minutes at night. After assessing his health (never sleep train a sick baby!) we decided it was time to implement Baby Love. 

Almost two months later and we have a happy and content little guy that sleeps straight through from 18:30 to 06:30 (very happy parents?), and when he finally wakes up he is quite happy to lie in his cot cooing and playing. His day sleeps are perfect as he sleeps three times a day for 90 minutes at a time. 

Sleep training is really hard in the beginning. Philip's days took much longer to fall into place compared to his nights which fell into place after two nights of training! Remember: you are teaching your child the ultimate skill - to self soothe and the benefits far outweigh the negatives. 

Philip is thriving on the Baby Love programme. His eating and drinking has improved a lot, he settles by himself and most importantly - he sleeps a solid 12 hours stretch at night. We are happy parents and love the fact that the structured routine allows us time with his older brother and for each other. Both boys go down at 18:30 and Mom & Dad have their quality time together!!!! I love it!!!! 

The Baby Love programme brings structure back into your life. Thank you to Jacqui for helping us with both our boys! We are one happy, well-rested family!

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Successful story

Img 4904

Our daughter was born prematurely, at 33weeks. She developed a cow's milk protein allergy, together with severe reflux at 6weeks, and from there on, everything went downhill.

We endured 9months of no sleep... we were lucky to get 3-4 hours a day! 30min naps during the day and 45min cycles at night. She would be awake from 11pm to 2am and awake again at 4am (for the day).

We had endless amounts of visits to doctors, pediatricians, sisters, specialists and chiropractors. We were told our last option was a homeopath. However, we didn't feel it necessary to spend another truck load of money on doctors, as her reflux had been under control for quite a while. We were told continuously that if this or that was over, she would sleep better. That never happened. Everything in our lives was affected by our lack of sleep.

I heard about baby love at my niece's birthday party, but to be honest, my husband and I were sceptical, because she was already in a steady routine, and we were worried about the stigma around 'crying it out' and didn't think it would help us... ( and we could not have been more wrong! )

When we eventually decided to implement Baby Love, we were not at home and had to travel, but decided to at least start with their routine and feeding guideline, and to see what happens. For her age, she needed 3naps of 1 1/2 hours during the day, and 10-12 hours sleep during the night. The first day she slept for 3hours during the day and slept through the night. Despite the fact that we had to drive back, and had to do the sleep training in the car, she slept through. If I may add, she NEVER slept in a car. Not even on a 7hour drive to the seaside.

During our training journey, Leah got a tummy virus, and although we had to stop the training, she still slept through. She has been sleeping through since day 1, despite all the hiccups (teething, travelling, tummy bugs...). We just decided from the beginning to be consistent with the routine and the training, and it paid off.

I would really recommend Baby Love to ANY parents. Especially sleep deprived parents, but not exclusively.  It is so much more than just sleep training, and for us, it was a lifesaver!


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Converse Baby socks

Screen Shot 2017 01 26 At 8.13.11 Am

Was R269 now R229 comes in a box with 2 pairs


1 pair pink and one pair Off white

1 pair navy 1 pair off white

1pair black 1 pair off white

Buy online

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Photoshoot Raffle

Pics Art 01 26 06.05.36

Our first raffle will be happening on the 31st of January! Stand a chance to win a photoshoot by Angelic Ice Photography! Don't miss it! ♡♡

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Nurture One Nesting Cushion no.1 Newborn Buy

Nurture Cushion Bunny

 This sensory baby cushion allows for a smooth transition from arms to crib. Our top #babybuy at the moment and selling so well. 2 left of current stock. Based in Hermanus,WC but we do Nationwide delivery at R75. Free Gift Wrapping! To purchase go to or comment below Nurture One nesting cushion details: 

Nurture One nesting cushion was designed and endorsed by occupational therapists to meet the sensory needs of the premature baby and is used in intensive care units country wide. It has now been further developed to meet the needs of all new-born babies.

 This unique product ensures an intensely secure and comfortable environment in your baby’s carry cot, incubator, bed, and/or car seat. It helps ensure that your baby is comfortable and that early development is sensory-appropriate. The cushion promotes touch and body awareness as it moulds around your baby, allowing him/her to feel safe and secure. The multi-sensory environment of the Nurture One nesting cushion does not impede movement. Instead, it stimulates sensory motor development.

 An ideal nursing cushion, it provides a comfortable position for your baby during feeding and allows for a smooth transition from breast/bottle to crib.

 In addition, the Nurture One nesting cushion:

  •      Assists in sustaining good sleeping patterns
  • Reduces unnecessary stress
  • Promotes containment and a sense of calmness
  • Provides boundaries in the bed
  • Regulates body temperature
  • All material has been scientifically tested to ensure the safety of your baby.

 Slip covers can be ordered. The Nurture One Wedge (covered) can also be ordered as optional extras.

 How to use the nesting cushion? See these clips:

 One of our numerous 5star reviews:
 "I'd give this product 7 stars if I could. One of my best baby buys to this day! My son was fussy as an infant but settling him was one thing we had little trouble with, thanks to the Nurture One. He'll be turning three soon, and we still don't go anywhere without his special pillow. In fact, I ended up getting two: as soon as we put the first one in the wash, we realised we'd be lost without it and bought another as a backup right away. They've been worth every cent."

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