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Desember Vakansie Skook / December Holiday Programme

Desember Vakansie Skool / December Holiday Programme
in Wilropark, Roodepoort

Beperkte spasie beskikbaar / Limited space available.

Oop vanag 01 Desember 2017 - 16 January 2018 / Open from 01 December 2017 - 16 January 2018.

Gesluit vir Kersfees vanaf 22 Desember 2 uur tot en met 2 January 2018 / Only closed for Christmas from 22 December 2pm up untill 2 January 2018.

Kommentaar met epos adres vir meer inligting / Comment with email address for more info.


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Accounting & Bookkeeping services

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Now offering a 50% discount on all bookkeeping and accounting services for October!

Call us now- 082 8249947

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2. DO YOU WANT TO MAKE R 200.00 TO A R 100.00 A WEEK?




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Total Life Changes (TLC) Iaso Tea Distributor is a business that wants to encourage people to transform their lives, both in terms of their health and wellness, and in terms of their finances.

They believe anyone can be motivated to achieve everything in life.

They can stay healthy while at the same time earn a second income by promoting products that further support overall health.
One of these products is the Iaso Tea, which is one of their most popular ones.

By itself, it is designed to promote health, weight loss and energy and, as an Iaso Tea distributor, you have the added benefit of being able to earn a bit of extra income as well, regardless of your background, qualifications, socio-economic status or health.

The company was founded over 15 years ago, and they have since grown into a global player with independent distributors in 140 different countries.

As a multilevel marketing company, they have various ways of ensuring people can earn an interesting income.

Additionally, virtually every distributor also uses the products and thereby achieve real total life changes.

As an Iaso tea distributor, you will focus on one of the many TLC products, although you can choose to distribute the others as well, of course.

Other products include supplement drops, skin creams and coffee.

The products address different elements of a person's overall life, including aging, external beauty, weight loss, detox and more.

Iaso tea, specifically, is designed to cleanse and detox the body, thereby leading to weight loss.

Some people have referred to the tea as a ‘miracle tea', as it is said to enable people to lose five pounds in just five days.
Considering the various reviews of the product, it seems that this is no exaggeration and it is by far the most popular TLC product available at present.

If you do become an Iaso tea distributor, you may want to try the tea for yourself.

This will give you a greater selling point compared to others, as it means you can discuss your own experiences with the product as well. Do try to be as honest as possible.

The internet is already filled with fake reviews and people know how to see straight through them.

They also know fine well, through other reviews, that there are some short term side effects with Iaso Tea, such as bloating, foul smelling stools, frequent urination and headaches, so there is no point pretending that they are not there.

Signing up to be a distributor is very easy and only requires you to complete a few details, after which a representative will contact you to discuss the next steps to take.

It is an opportunity for you to take control of your own life, in terms of both health and finances.



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Click Tek Laptop Batteries

Need to replace your laptop battery but don't want to spend the high replacement cost of original batteries? Click Tek11 brings you the option of replacing your existing laptop battery with a quality reliable generic replacement unit.
There is a wide variety of models so listing all supported models here would unfortunately not be possible. Message or email us with your laptop model and battery part number for assistance.

The below laptop models are what we can offer support for. Feel free to contact us if you require any further information.
Please contact us to confirm availability. All model batteries sell for R749.


Delivery to your door. We are Edenvale based, delivery typically takes place 2 - 3 days from date of payment received and where we delivering to. (T's & C's Apply)
For any inquiries email us on
Follow us on Facebook if you would like to keep up with us

Click Tek Facebook Page
Click Tek Youtube
The Click Tek Team.

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All your accounting/ bookkeeping needs and beyond!

Accounting Assignment Help

Running October and November 50% discounts for October and November on all payroll, accounting, SARS submissions and more.

Contact us now

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Teething pain and dental hygeine

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Approved by dentists!

For all teething toddlers who don't want to brush their teeth. Try our Tiny Chewbrush which not only assists in teething by massaging the gums but also brushes the teeth!

Our Tiny Chewbrush is a chewable toothbrush, which is 100 % Silicone and BPA FREE!

Designed to fit in the mouth correctly

Safe and easy to use

Dishwasher and steriliser safe

May be used with our without tooth gel/paste

Shop online or contact us on

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Oily skin? Dry skin? Normal or combination skin? There is a range of skincare products for everyone!

Img 20170929 Wa0008

Struggling with your oily skin? Try the Synergy (green) range!

Is your skin dry and dehydrated? Lucid will feed and moisturise your skin.

Normal or combination skin? Hydrafine will leave your skin looking mighty fine!

Annique has a skincare range for every skin type, suitable for young and old, men and women.

Contact me for more information on the various ranges, on 0729987889.

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