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Only the best Bedroom Furniture

Teens need new bedrooms too, find the perfect bed and study desk set atPosh Tots

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Seat My Toosh

The perfect alternative to a high chair when one is not available, dirty or unsafe. Great for traveling and when visiting family and friend. 100% cotton and locally made in Cape Town.  It can be adjusted to most chairs and is comfortable and safe for your little one. Comes with a handy drawstring storage pouch and velcro strip fabric for extra back support.  It is compact enough to fit in your baby bag and can be available to you whenever you need it. 

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Unique Chairs

Hand chairs, soccer ball chairs, basket ball chairs, leaf chairs, we have the perfect whimsical item to add to any bedroom, or entertainment area. 

Visit our website

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Unwind with your BFF


Book yourself a 30 min Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage for only R260.00 between 15 - 16 Nov 2018 at Mommy Wellness Day Spa Somerset West and your Bestie's Back Massage is on us. Find at @ The Sanctuary Shopping Centre 0214923860

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Around the World Holiday Camp

The IEA Elite are having a kidz holiday camp this December!

Kidz spend their days out in the summer sun in a safe, friendly, educational environment!

You don't have to be a horse rider to join, everyone is welcome!

Horse riding, hiking, team building, blue train rides, swimming pool, slides and so much more.

Happy holiday fun!

Dates: 9 December to 14 December 2018
Book per day.
Ages: 4 to 18
R250 per day.

All meals, beverages and snacks are included.

Contact 0824496663 for more information

Limited space. Book right away!!!

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Win a Cuddle Me Doll | Cuddle Love

WIN a Cuddle Me Doll! Just comment on our Facebook pagewith the one you would like to win! Subscribe to our newsletter for an extra entry to win!

083 660 2511


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TIRED all the time - need to study for exams ?

NRG Nature's raw guarana Tablets Herbalife

NRG tablets provide you with the benefits of one of nature's most energising herbs. Herbalife has captured the high-powered qualities of Guarana in NRG, to enhance performance and give you an invigorating lift during the day. An excellent addition to a busy lifestyle that will help keep you on top.

  • Do you suffer from fatigue and physical tiredness?
  • Why is Guarana a good replacement for coffee?
  • What good will Guarana do?
  • When should I take Guarana?
  • Do you suffer from a mid-afternoon slump?
  • Key Ingredient Properties
  • Recommended Use:
  • Do you suffer from fatigue and physical tiredness?
  • Reducing caloric intake can play havoc with your energy levels resulting in periods of physical tiredness. Guarana can help provide an invigorating lift, it is easily absorbed and gets to work quickly.
  • Why is Guarana a good replacement for coffee?
  • It contains a milder form of caffeine and is gentler on the digestive system, but still provides a wonderfully invigorating effect.
  • What good will Guarana do?
  • Like drinking coffee, the herbal compounds are quickly absorbed into the system so that within about half an hour you will feel the difference.
  • When should I take Guarana?
  • You can take up to four Guarana tablets during the day (but avoid taking them during the evening unless you particularly want to stay up late). Take them with water instead of drinking coffee mid-morning and mid-afternoon, for maximum benefit.
  • Do you suffer from a mid-afternoon slump?
  • If you are one of those people who suffers from clouded concentration mid-afternoon (half way between your lunch and evening meal), try taking Guarana tablets and feel the benefit of the plant's naturally invigorating effect.
  • Key Ingredient Properties:
  • Guarana is a climbing shrub native to South America. It has been used for centuries by the Amazon Indians for its spirited and refreshing qualities. Today, in Brazil, Guarana is added to soft drinks for the wonderfully natural, energetic feeling it provides.
  • Contains 800mg of organically grown Guarana in each tablet.
  • Each tablet contains 32mg of an effective form of caffeine, similar to the amount found in half a cup of coffee.
  • Guarana is gentler on the digestive system than many other forms of caffeine, and preferred by many as an alternative to coffee.
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Recommended Use:
  • Two to four tablets each day as an herbal supplement.
  • Label Information: N-R-G Nature's Raw Guarana. Contains caffeine. Guarana is a natural herb used for centuries. N-R-G provides 800 mg of guarana powder per tablet.
  • Ingredients: Guarana Seed Powder (60.4%), Calcium Sulphate, Stearic Acid, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils, Anti-caking Agent: Hydrated Silica; Magnesium Stearate and Glazing Agent: Shellac.

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