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Midvaal Cup Equestrian Development Show

Is your child a budding equestrian? How about entering them into the Midvaal Cup Equestrian Development Show at The IEA Elite on 9 June 2019? Cash prizes for our 3 big classes, and lots of other sponsors. We are partnering with Enos Mafokate Soweto Riding School & Midvaal Municipality to host an event for everyone to enjoy. We are also looking for vendors for the day, so be sure to contact me should you have a product to market and sell.

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Multi use covers

🌿 Multi Use covers 🌿

Shop our wide range of colors & beautiful patterns on

Our super soft fabric is hand selected and covers handmade with love ensuring excellent quality for moms and babies

Stylish, modern, innovative multi- use covers can be used as
☆ pram cover 
☆ breastfeeding cover
☆highchair cover
☆car seat cover
☆trolley cover

🌿Our covers are designed for you with our breathable, modern stretchy fabric that offers you 360 degree cover 🌿

E mail enquiries to

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You asked, and we listened! It's our birthday week next week, so we brought back the BANNER SPECIAL and it's valid until Friday, 17 May 2019!!! Buy your Full Colour PVC Banner (1300mm x 500mm) with eyelets in the corners FOR ONLY R149!!! Get your orders in NOW!

SoPro Branding specializes in all outdoor and indoor signage, printing, branding and websites.

Tel: 031 904 1751
Address: 637 Kingsway, Athlone Park, Amanzimtoti

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Essential Oil Workshops & Classes

Ready? Let's do this! Your essential oil journey begins here…

Be one of the first in South Africa to experience these little bottles of pure plant goodness from mother Earth and learn from the very best! Join us at a local workshop to learn all about:

-  How to choose a top quality, high potency essential oil. This is "essential" (pun intended).
-  How to use oils safely for general health and wellness, emotional balance, immunity, sleep, weight loss, pain, energy, natural & green cleaning, skin care, keeping your kids healthy and helping them to get better the natural way. See? There are oils for everything!
-  How to switch out your entire medicine cabinet with healthier, plant-based alternatives.
-  Tips, tricks, recipes and everything you need to know to be able to start using essential oils right away. It’s so simple, even your granny can do it!
-  Info on how you can get your oils (and more!) for free, it's true – we’ve been doing this for years now ourselves.

Everyone is welcome! Join us for a sense of belonging with a like-minded community who are looking for something better :)

We can’t wait to meet you!⁣⠀


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Launch Parties Celebrating Young Living Essential Oils!

Are you ready to learn all about essential oils? We can’t wait to see you!

Hello Essentials is coming to town because Young Living is too!!! We are a community of over 100,000 families worldwide who use and love Young Living essential oils

Join us in Cape Town & Johannesburg for a hellova fun party as the prelude to the Young Living pre-launch events in both cities. Here's a taste of what's included with your R150 ticket:

🍹 Delicious oil-infused eats & drinks⠀
🛍 An amazing goodie bag to take home⠀
💡 Learn all about essential oils and how easy it is to ingrate them into your daily life for health & wellness
💧 Hand make your very own wellness roller blend for winter
👭 Meet our incredible local & international team⠀
💕 Connect with other like-minded people, and see how inspiring and special this community truly is⠀
🎟 Be entered to win lots of raffles. We have some AMAZING giveaways and uh hem, spoiler alert, a Premium Starter Kit will be raffled off at each event! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ⠀

We will have a variety of Young Living essential oils and other products for you to experience. All of this for just R150 per guest, this is an event you DO NOT want to miss!⠀

TICKETS AVAILABLE AT... Town) (Johannesburg)

Follow us on Instagram at:

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  • Heide Frljak
  • I love essential oils!! Very interested to learn more.
  • Heide Frljak
  • I love essential oils!! Very interested to learn more.


We're celebrating all of you gorgeous mama's by offering free shipping on our online store starting tomorrow and ending on sunday.


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Top 4 reasons to use a nappy service.

If you haven’t noticed, babies generate a TON of waste!  Bags of disposable nappies are tossed into the trash with such frequency that disposable nappies are now the 3rd most common item in landfills today!

Given this staggering fact, many families around the world are switching to cloth nappies to minimize their impact on Mother Earth AND it’s making a HUGE difference! Modern parents don’t fall victim to the stigma that cloth nappies are all pins and rubber pants… NO WAY! If you’ve seen a modern cloth nappy recently, you’ll notice they’ve come a loooooong way! They are convenient, easy to use, super absorbent, and on and on…. BUT… They STILL need to be laundered! cue the gasps!!!

Alright! It’s really not that scary, but even with the best intentions, some families fall victim to convenience. After all we do live in a day and age that is all about convenience. Many families like the “idea” of cloth nappies and understand that making the choice to switch comes with many benefits, but the thought of washing dirty nappies makes them second guess giving it a try. For those parents, that’s where a nappy service comes in… We’ll convert even the most squeamish baby-changer into a modern cloth nappy parent.

Here are the TOP 4 reasons to use a cloth nappy service.

#1 Education

Nappy services have done a TON of research and have created nappy options that are easy, convenient, and work! They’ve tested nappies, covers, accessories and have selected items that make the journey into cloth an amazing experience. And….they are ready to teach you everything they know! Busy Bottoms offers you demos and by the end of it, you’ll be an expert… we promise!

#2 Convenient

Our families are amazed at how easy and modern cloth nappies have become. Long gone are the days when families had to dunk their soiled nappies. Nope! You simply toss the soiled nappy into the nappy bin and forget about it! Seriously… it’s just that easy. Come delivery day, pop your bag out and we will swap them with a fresh batch.

#3 Economical

Many families feel that using a nappy service is a luxury that costs more than buying disposable.  Nope! Our service is priced similar to disposables, and when you factor in that a baby in cloth usually learns the potty 1+ year before a baby in disposables, you save a ton of money. Yup! Less expensive and you have the added benefit of having your nappies delivered direct to your door.

#4 Better for Baby

If you haven’t been convinced yet, this is probably the BEST reason to switch to cloth nappies… Using cloth diapers will allow your baby to use a nappy that has no chemicals, made of cloth, and won’t release chemicals that are then absorbed into their skin! And because cloth absorbs but doesn’t pull moisture away from their skin, they are less likely to get nappy rash. Check out the ingredient list in disposables…

  • Sodium polyacrylate (SAP)
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Tributyl-tin
  • Dioxin
  • Perfume
  • Bleached wood pulp & cellulose tissue
  • Glues

So there you have it! The top 4 reasons why using a nappy service is better for your family. Go ahead… give it a try! Mother Earth will thank you!!! 

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