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Learn to swim in only 8 lessons!

At Splash Aquademy we offer a one-of-a-kind intense swimming program that will you have happily splashing in the water after only 8 lessons!

If you're up for the challenge, we are taking bookings now for both our Bassonia and Glenanda pools.

Contact Lauren on 082 339 6330 for more information.

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Book your child's holiday camp now!

March PUBLIC SCHOOLS holidays are just around the corner - look how quick 2017 went - and we have a pulse-racing, exciting holiday camp lined up for the kiddies.  

Outdoor activities, challenging events, horse riding, swimming and so much more.

We encourage team work, building self-confidence, thinking outside the box and good old fashioned outdoor fun.

Pricing range from R250 daily (without a sleepover) to R2000 (full camp with sleepover)

Daily rates and daily sleep over rates can be discussed at the office.  For more information, contact Marica Grobler on 016-065-0080 or email her at

You can also have a look at photos and video clips from our previous events on our website at

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Drastique's Fatburner

Visit and like our Facebook page..

Whatsapp Anna-Marie 082 496 5025 / Soné 072 437 5071 for More info or Contact details for a Agent near you

Drastique's Fatburner 100% Safe to use, While Breastfeeding


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Atomic Cellulite Gel

Attomic Cellulite Gel for that Stubborn Cellulite, 

Use it every 3rd day, And see how the Cellulite disappear 

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My child has SPD: Managing his/her anxiety

Raising Hein-Chris Blog


  • Hein-Chris, as a new-born, had a single response to anything and everything, and that was screaming (violent crying leading to shortness of breath, and sometimes vomiting).
  • After Hein-Chris was diagnosed with SPD around his second birthday, I finally understood why the first two years had been so incredibly traumatic. My darling son was in a state of constant fear. He was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted - and only two.
  • I read mountains of books spelling out the details and treatment of SPD (scary stuff); I trawled the Internet for advice; I listened intently when Hein-Chris’ paediatrician, neurodevelopmental paediatrician and occupational therapist spoke; and I watched my child closely. It turned out he’d be my quintessential teacher when it came to learning how to manage his anxieties. 
  • Below I relay a few of the anxiety reducers Hein-Chris best responded to as I endeavoured to keep his fears at bay.
    • Occupational Therapy: Your most important ally - as far as anxiety reduction goes - is your child’s Occupational Therapist (OT), who must be well-trained and particularly experienced in Sensory Integration (SI). Occupational Therapy is hands down the most effective treatment for SPD - especially if your infant/child is diagnosed at an early age. It took many months for Hein-Chris’ OT to gain his trust and get him to respond to her instructions. I was close to calling it quits many times. But Hein-Chris’ neurodevelopmental paediatrician was (frustratingly) adamant that Hein-Chris was not to miss a single Occupational Therapy session. And it has paid off. Hein-Chris has journeyed a world away from his infant self, and I am convinced that Occupational Therapy played the most important role in his transformation. In South Africa, the typical cost of an Occupational Therapy session is roughly ZAR550 (about US$39) per 45-minute session. Our medical aid covered half of these costs. Hein-Chris has been attending sessions since the age of two and will continue doing so until age seven or eight; this according to our neurodevelopmental paediatrician.  
    • Brushing: Speak to your OT about brushing your child. While brushing is indicated for the treatment of tactile defensiveness, I found that brushing is incredibly effective at treating SPD overall. I prefer the Willbarger Therapressure Brush available in South Africa at for ZAR120, or at for roughly US$11 for a bag of 2. Hein-Chris’ OT showed me precisely how the brush was to be used. You always start by asking the child’s permission to brush him/her. At first, Hein-Chris could tolerate only a single brush stroke, per arm, three times per day. He behaved as though I was brushing him with a hot iron. I persevered many weeks, many months. Today Hein-Chris allows me to brush his arms, legs, and back for fairly long periods of time. I use this to our advantage by brushing him before and/or after kiddies’ birthday parties, and other similarly stressful outings; and whenever he is particularly anxious i.e., he starts a new school, his dad goes away for work, he hurts himself.
    • Baby bottles: Sucking a dummy or baby bottle is extremely relaxing to the infant/child with SPD. While I weaned Hein-Chris off his dummy at age three (due to the affect it may have on his teeth and speech), I still offer him a baby bottle (usually filled with fresh milk or water; definitely no juice) when he becomes particularly anxious (and he is six now). It calms him right down - almost instantaneously. Were it not for this blog, this is a secret I would have taken to the grave. I can literally feel other mommies judging me. But if you were here, saw Hein-Chris in a blind panic, and experienced the instant relief from a baby bottle, you’d be right in my court.
    • Weighted blankets: These are another great tool for relieving the stresses of the day, The blankets offer deep, relaxing pressure. When Hein-Chris was smaller, I used to wait until he was asleep before putting the blanket over his legs, and - later - over his whole body (not his head). He could not tolerate the blanket while he was awake, but introducing it in his sleep, worked for us, and today Hein-Chris enjoys covering himself with the very same weighted blanket at bedtime. In fact, when he arrives home after a trying day at school or a stressful outing, there is no better combination then a baby bottle of fresh milk and the weighted blanket over his legs. I ordered Hein-Chris’ weighted blanket for around ZAR1125 (roughly US$80), three years ago, and it was money well spent. 
  • In next week’s blog post, I will unpack a few more of Hein-Chris’ preferred anxiety reducers i.e., daily routines, social stories, swimming, Eddie the Teddy, etc. Visit www.rainsingheinchris.comRaising Hein-Chris Blog

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Fun toys & educational toys for Girls & Boys of all ages <3

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Pregnancy Styling Consultation Special

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