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Christmas Special untill 31 December 2018


2019 slots now available For between Mid January and April.

Have a look at my shop for the prices. 50% retainer fee is required to secure your booking.

I limit the number of Newborn sessions I book each week to ensure I am able to give each family my undivided attention throughout their experience.

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Baby gifts for the Holidays!

Browse our website for exiting baby gifts this Summer!

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Christmas Boxes R170

Christmas Boxes are out!!!!

You get an assortment of the Yumminess below !!!

R170.00 a box.

Please whats app your orders through to 078 6119 186

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Decorate your own cookies !!!!!

Decorate your own Christmas Cookies :) 

Decorate your own Christmas cookies -  12 cookies, plus icing and decorations 

Comes in a neat box .

All this for R85.00 

Please whats app your orders through to 078 6119186

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Be SunSmart | Cuddle Love

Here are some tips from CANSA to protect your baby from the sun this summer:

  • Use liberal amounts of sunscreen on babies and infants of 6 months or older 20 minutes before they go out in the sun (under the age of 6 months should be kept out of the sun)
  • Keep your child in the shade as much as possible
  • Use a hat to provide protection for the whole face, ears and neck
  • Use clothing to cover and protect the sensitive skin of infants
  • Use a sunscreen approved by CANSA

We offer three products from the Oh Lief Sunscreen range.

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+27(83) 660 2511

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PrettySpecial is now Eco-Friendly :)

Hi everyone. PrettySpecial has gone green! We are now using 100% Eco-friendly pellets as our filler for all our products. You can continue washing the blankets as normal as they dry quickly and don’t carry water. We are proudly South African and proudly environment friendly! Please share this post with as many as possible. God bless, The PrettySpecial team. #weightedblanket#asd#sleeplessnights#ecofriendly#ecofriendlyproducts#smallbusiness

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Free weekly healthy recipes from Sandtondiet - #MHB listed

Hello to the wonderful Mammahood community. My name is Leanne. I’m a cookbook author, blogger and a dietitian. This is an invitation to all of you to join us at Sandtondiet for your free weekly recipe inspiration. Sandtondiet is my personal blog and Facebook page. Each week I post an easy, healthy recipe to my Facebook page or via email. There are two super easy ways to get your free healthy recipe. Firstly you can ‘like’ the Sandtondiet Facebook page so that the recipe shows up in your newsfeed on Facebook. Or alternatively you can go to the Sandtondiet website and complete the e-mail sign up form that pops up when you go to the website and your recipe will arrive in your inbox each Tuesday. Feel free to check out the website for the recipes that have already been posted. This last week’s post was 10 outstanding chicken recipes you can’t live withoutwhich was an absolute hit! And there are many more where that came from .

If you are on other social media platforms feel free to follow my boards on Pinterest by following Sandtondiet. You can also follow me on Instagram (again just look for Sandtondiet).

We are having great fun at Sandtondiet and I hope to see all of you there soon. Chat soon, Leanne xoxo

Disclaimer: This is my personal recipe blog and is not intended for dietary advice in any way. Any posts not related to the recipe post will be removed. Please refer to the company overview section on the Sandtondiet Facebook page for any further information. 

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