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Minions Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser + 2 Toothbrush Holder Set

Minions Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser + 2 Toothbrush Holder Set

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FAST DELIVERY available to anywhere in South Africa !

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Pacifiers | Cuddle Love

The soft and gentle bubble pops when it drops mid-air as soon as the pacifier leaves the baby's mouth. This eliminates the need to wash the pacifier every time it falls, once or twice a day will do the trick. Available online, or contact us on 083 660 2511.

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more information, fun facts and special offers! 

CONTACT US #mhlistedbusiness

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The Masterpiece Image Consulting can help you style your belly. Pregnancy style, clothing you can wear after baby is born.

5 Maternity Style Tips To Maximize Your Wardrobe


Temperatures when you’re pregnant can be a tricky thing—even when it’s cold outside. A general rule of thumb? Stick to breathable fabrics that you can layer so you can adjust your own temperature no matter where you are (or what season it is). 2. GO WITH THE FLOW(Y) TOPS

Flowy woven tops will skim your frame and fit nicely over your bump. Extra points for oversized button-up—they’ll be nursing friendly post-baby if that’s part of your plan.


Whether it’s joggers, elasticized jeans or a sturdy pair of leggings, elastic waist pants will keep you comfortable through a large portion of your pregnancy. Bonus points: You’ll be able to slip back into them post-delivery.


Shift dresses in a thicker knit fabric can be worn throughout your entire pregnancy. From the beginning (when you’re maybe focused on concealing) to your due date (when you just need something comfortable!) a shift dress is an easy-to-wear solution.


Look for more silhouettes like trapeze and wrap coat silhouettes. No matter where you are in your pregnancy, you’ll want to be able to grow into your coat and not feel trapped. These looser, more forgiving winter coats will keep you warm and stylish for the rest of the season.

Contact The Masterpiece Image Consulting for a consultation.

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Let me help you put together the perfect preggy outfits, without having to buy maternity wear!

The Masterpiece Image Consulting can help you choose the perfect outfits while pregnant, and it does not have to be maternity clothes, so that you can wear it after baby is born. You will save time and money!

#maternityclothes #imageconsultant #colourdraping #bodyshape #savemoney #savetime #personalshopper

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Helmut Lotti Ultimate Getaway

We have put together this amazing getaway package for you and a partner @ R 4 400 which include the following:

Arrive around lunch time at African Pride Irene Country Lodge, AUTOGRAPH COLLECTION®, check into your luxurious room overlooking one of Gauteng's Breathtaking Lakes.

Once ready make your way to our reception @ around 14:00 where you will be transported to Sun Arena @ Time Square for a magnificent Comeback Concert of Helmut Lotti - Don`t miss the ever-popular Belgian tenor, Helmut Lotti as he returns to South Africa.

Helmut Lotti will renew his romance with South African audiences as he performs live with an orchestra many of the songs his audience knows and loves, Bridge over Troubled Waters`, `You`ll Never Walk Alone`, `Hallelujah`, `Santa Lucia`, `The Impossible Dream`, `Put a Little Love in your Heart and many more.

After the show, make your way to the pickup point and return to African Pride Irene Country Lodge, AUTOGRAPH COLLECTION®, join us for Sundowners at The River Bar, bathed in gentle sunlight, lend a tranquil touch to the already magical surroundings.

Move to our restaurant for a celebration of flavours, as Meadow Green Restaurant is renowned for its excellent service, tantalising menu and fine dining décor.

Return to your amazing 65 m² room to enjoy the luxuries of the room itself, configured to your requirements either as a king size double bed or as two twin beds.

After a good night’s rest, enjoy a scrumptious Full English Breakfast Buffet in the Meadow Green Restaurant or sit out on the terrace and enjoy some of the sixty different types of bird life this property offers.

Now rush to leave as yet, feel free to explore some more options with the following options available, but not included in the package:

• Book a Treatment @ Camdeboo Day Spa - onsite

• Take a walk to Irene Farm, a working dairy farm adjacent to the Lodge

• Visit the Deli @ Irene Farm for memorabilia to take home

• A Game Drive at Rietvlei Nature Reserve

• A round of Golf at Centurion Country Club or Irene Country Club

For more information or to make a booking, feel free to click the ticket link.

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CricketHERO Offers FREE Development Chart for pre-schoolers

Hey Folks...

Are you passionate about your child's gross and fine motor skill development? what about their neurological growth? Maybe their social and emotional intelligence?

Of course you are! Cricket is a funny sport, hated by some, loved and adored by others.. whichever category you fall into doesn't matter. Cricket as a sport offers huge amounts of physical, emotional, social and neurological development opportunities that better prepare them for adulthood.

So here i offer you:7 benefits to playing cricket with your preschooler at home and if this article makes sense and encourages you, you can sign up for the Development Chart at the bottom of the page absolutely FREE

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Theme beds for kids

We sell child safe theme beds for children. We make

beds in ¾, single and toddler size. A toddler bed is the size of a large cot,

134 x 70cm. It uses large cot bedding and mattress. Your child can use it until

they are about 6yrs old. It is ideal for getting them out of your bed, and into

their own. Our single beds are child safe too… All our beds have raised sides

to ensure their safety while sleeping. We do quality handwork, and not mass

production. We deliver throughout the country. We have many other designs and

you can choose your own colour options. You can also add a name. Our basic

toddler bed starts at R950, and the prices go up according to the design and


For quality workmanship and excellent service, call or

whatsapp 0792324479.

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