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BREVI Brevi Pod Carrier - Special

Was R2799 NOW ONLY R1899

Pod is a revolutionary distributed load baby carrier for infants and newborns that doesn’t burden the wearers back. This is a great carrier to help reduce back pain in adults taking the load.


  • Absorbing 60% of the child’s weight
  • Suitable for use from 4 months up to 3-4 years, this truly is a carrier with longevity!
  • Relieves pressure on the shoulders and lower back.
  • Designed and patented for the comfort of children
  • Allows the child to be carried in the most natural position, on the parents hip.
  • Soft head hood and neck protector
  • Protective spine support, front loop, preformed breathable natural fiber shell
  • Can also be used for breastfeeding. 

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Elegant Dress


Sizes: S to XXL

Click here to view and ORDER:

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Autumn Collection

R370 each
Sizes: M to XXL
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French Floral Cardigan

R330 each

Sizes: S to XXXL

Click here to view and ORDER:…/french-floral-cardigan/

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Teacher/Parent Meetings First Term

A reminder of my popular article 'What to ask Teachers and Professionals during Meetings' with the upcoming end of term teacher/parent meetings. It is now followed by a three-part series: explaining the questions in detail.

All the best!

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USB powered, color changing night lights

USB colour changing Night Lights
We also customize lights - send us the design or name and we'll custom make JUST FOR YOU 🍑

Power the Night Light using any USB plug found on your laptop, notebook, PC, TV or power bank. Power bank makes the Night Light mobile and easy to use during a power outage

Shop our selection on or send us your design that you would like to

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Taking care when you can't be there

The best thing you can do for your loved ones is taking care of them after you are no longer there

Let me help you to provide for them and your child's education by assisting you with your financial planning and to make sure that you are covered for unforseen events

Contact me directly for a free consultation today

cellphone: 076 428 2124
Office: 012 111 018

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