Feel like everything is swelling in your pregnancy?

14 July 2017

My feet and hands looking like little sausages. Check out my absolute favourite tips for water retention:

I am 33 weeks pregnant and have officially removed my rings, just in time too. This being my second pregnancy, I expected this time to come. What I have come to realise is that oedema in pregnancy is common with about ½ of all pregnant women experiencing water retention in the last couple of months.

It normally gets worse in the summer months when it is hot and can be painful and uncomfortable. The swelling will increase throughout the day because of the effects of gravity. 

So why does this happen? The body does hold more fluid than normal during pregnancy. There is also some pressure in the groin area from the growing baby. 

When to contact your Dr or midwife:
  • Swelling in the hands and wrists may cause compression in the nerve running from the fingers to your arms (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome);
  • If swelling occurs only on one leg and is red, tender, and lumpy it may be Thrombosis; and
  • If you have any sudden swelling, look out for pre-eclampsia.
Tips to keep swelling down:
  • Drink loads of water, this will get rid of the toxins in the body;
  • Cut down the amount of salt, sugar, and processed food you eat;
  • Make sure you eat loads of fresh fruits, vegetables, and high quality protein;
  • Foods that contain Vitamin C and Vitamin E are wonderful;
  • Nettle and parsley tea and dandelion tea have been suggested, I have not tried these and check with your Dr or midwife before using any supplements;
  • Get your feet up as much as possible, don’t cross them as this can cut off the blood flow;
  • Regular Leg exercises and movement will help with circulation and blood flow; and 
  • Reflexology and aromatherapy are great natural treatments. Always visit therapists that have trained in treating pregnant woman.

My absolute favourite thing to do at the end of a long day, when my feet are looking their worst is using my foot spa. I love giving them a good soak, in cool water and my own blend of Epsom salts, spearmint and lavender essential oil or the LT Bath Oil for expectant moms. 
I will give them a massage afterwards, or even better, get my hubbie to give them a good rub with a Lillian terry Foot formula www.bitsandbobsformoms.co.za/products/lt-foot-formula, which is great for cracked heels too or Lillian Terry Vascu flow www.bitsandbobsformoms.co.za/products/lt-vascu-flow which is fantastic for circulation.

Remember to use light movements and always use pressure towards the heart.

Guest written by Michelle Pitt from BITS AND BOBS FROM MOMS

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