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29 April 2017

Starting my children on solids is something I dread! I find it rather frustrating and extremely time consuming. I’m always on the lookout for ideas/products to make the transition to solids simpler and less stressful. Kids Cargo has a lovely range of ChooMee products that are delectably cute and help ease the pain of transitioning to solids, making this a fun milestone choo-pter!

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ChooMee helps to make transition to solids a positive journey with their wonderful and unique feeding solutions. Little Miss L has just started solids and with the help of ChooMee’s Dip’n Spoons she has taken to food like a duck to water. They are non-directional so are perfect for beginners giving them the confidence to feed themselves. It looks like a flattened spoon with a flower patterned head that allows food to be caught in the ‘petals’ and manoeuvred to the mouth. It is made of soft silicone that is bendable and will contour to any bowl. Little Miss L loves feeding herself with this spoon and chewing on it as a teether is an added bonus. It is just a winner all round. For moms who prefer to spoon feed their babes these spoons are perfect for that too – the new age of baby spoon!

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I love those squishy pouches of food for on the go, but detest the mess they can make when they are squished too hard by little hands. ChooMee has a great range of re-usable cute squishy pouches called Snack‘ns and awesome silicone toppers called Sip‘ns.

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Sip‘ns make the slurping way easier for baby giving them a soft smooth top rather than the hard plastic and much less messy for mom as they have a valve at the top that only opens when bitten – can I have a round of applause! What a win! These toppers can be bought on their own or in a cute carry case so they are perfect to cart around where ever you may be. The Sip‘n lid fit on ChooMee’s reusable Snack’n pouches as well as all commercial squishy packs with the same tops – all of them as far as I can think. The Snack‘n pouches come in funky animal sets and open with a zip seal at the bottom so mom can fill it with homemade goodness. When it has been sucked dry open, wash it out and refill for the next slurping adventure! Simple easy and fun for all involved.

Kids Cargo stocks this lovely range of ChooMee products and many other great items go to and have a look. 


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Valerie Collett

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