Kids Cargo Review - Nookums Paci-Plushies

09 May 2017

I am sure there is a dummy eating cot monster that lives under little Miss L’s cot! I used to spend a couple of crucial minutes scrabbling to find the dummy while little Miss L wailed, and it drove me mad! Even the glow-in-the-dark dummies couldn’t be found. Then I read about Nookums Paci-Plushies that are available in SA at Kids Cargo – what a middle-of-the-night life saver!

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Nookums Paci-Plushies are soft, squishy, loveable animals with a ring attached to them that most dummies fit onto. The mad scramble to find a dummy in the dark is now over as the soft toys that are attached are easy to locate. Little hands love to feel and stroke the animals as they fall asleep. The Paci-Plushie animals help little hands to start finding their own dummy and putting it back in when they need it. 

Baby With Rhino

Little Miss L has Ella Elephant (go to Kids Cargo online and check out the 14 cute animals to choose from) and she loves it. I use it all the time; little Miss L’s hands love stroking Ella who lies on her chest while she drifts off. These days the poor cot monster doesn’t get any dummies as Ella makes sure Miss L’s dummy stays in her cot all night. I have also got more sleep since Ella has been around as little Miss L is able to find her own dummy and put it back into her mouth in her sleep. I can’t express how awesome this is, but I am sure all mommies would know!

El Grande

Nookums also has Paci-Plushie Chillies that are a star fish shaped teethers that fit onto the Paci-Plushie animal. This makes them simple to find and for babies to get into their mouths to chew on. Little Miss L gnaws on hers endlessly. It’s so easy to slip the dummy off and put the Paci-Plushie Chillie onto the ring whenever you want to. I carry the Chillie around with me in my nappy bag as it’s a perfect distraction when little Miss L gets a bit bored.

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I just love Kids Cargo and all they have to offer go and have a look at their online store at Paci-Plushies are a must have for any mom whose baby loves their dummy. I can tell you right now they will save you some night wake ups and crucial minutes when looking for the dummy.

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Valerie Collett

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Kids Cargo Review - Nookums Paci-Plushies

I am sure there is a dummy eating cot monster that lives under little Miss...

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