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Full Nursery Boxes - Fun that last as baby grows offering years of learning in one box!  The toys get enjoyed over & over as our activities change as baby grows.Your Full Nursery Box includes:* 8 Top Quality Imported Educational Toys* Our activities change per toy per age so each toy can...

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Baby Box Swops

Monthly Box Swops now available.

The first 5 mommies to sign up for 6 months will receive a free gift worth R500 for your little one.

Monthly fee is R300.

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Monthly Baby Box Swops

Monthly Box Swops with a new theme every month and avoid unexplored toys piling up at home.

Daily activities are milestone specific 1 - 6 months, 7 - 12, 13 - 24 and 24 - 36.

Great for pre-nursery prep.

Each box includes easy to follow daily sessions, glossary, rhymes, educational toys, life skills kit, milestone checklist and helpful hints.

Stimulate baby through play followingg our fun filled structured sessions.

Whatsapp: 0726317466


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Baby Box Swop PE Full Nursery Boxes

@home nursery school in a box. 

Buy your full nursery box for only R1500.00.  You will receive 8 educational toys with activities per age per toy, milestone checklists, nursery rhymes and massage sessions.

Learning prep through playπŸ˜€

Whatsapp 0726317466


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