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Baby Love was founded in 2003 and has over 6 000 clients, making Baby Love not only a very well established brand, but one of the oldest sleep guidance companies in South Africa. Baby Love is a nation wide company specializing in routine and sleep guidance programs geared towards expecting...

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Nicholas Hoines

Nicholas was 14mnths/15mnths and he was still waking up for a bottle at about 2am every morning, and by this time and after doing it for so long I was exhausted. We were also planning to start for a second child and so I thought I have to do something now or I will be waking up for 2 children for feeds instead of one. 

Jacqui put us on a strict 3 week sleep and eating routine and it worked wonders. The first 3 nights were the hardest and my heart broke as he cried that first night, but I knew that it was for the good of all of us and today he is eating better and sleep right through now for 2 months and I have my sense of humour back! 

I could've followed the books for sleep training but I thought that I need to take mine and Nicholas situation and apply the sleep training to us and that is exactly what Jacqui did and was worth every penny. The nice thing is that you can contact Jacqui when you need her advice she is there for you for support. 

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Success Story

Luwaldt Van Der Linde

My son Luwaldt (a wonderful blessing in our lives) has never been a great sleeper, but by around 10 months of age we hit rock bottom. He was up between 8 and 11 times per night and there was no daytime routine to talk about. The only way I could settle him to sleep was by breastfeeding and rocking, which took forever. I was teary and short tempered and very, very tired, as was my husband. 

In all honesty, the Baby Love routine was tough the first day or two. Luwaldt cried quite a bit, but we persevered. His sleeping improved tremendously from the second day onwards. He now falls asleep on his own (no more rocking or feeding). His day routine is like clockwork. I can plan outings and activities because I know when he will be sleeping and for how long. He still wakes about once per night, but we can more than deal with this. Luwaldt is also a happier child, because he is getting enough rest and there is structure to his day. We are soooo greatful that we implemented the Baby Love program. I loved the fact that their approach was holistic. Highly recommended!! x

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Success Story

Philip Hughes

After having successfully sleep trained our first child by implementing the Baby Love programme, we always knew we would most definitely use the programme with our second child as we saw the positive effect on Cameron's overall development. 

We met with Jacqui just before Philip (Cameron's baby-brother) turned 5 months old, but sadly he got Pneumonia that same week and was admitted to hospital - sleep training took a back seat. Three weeks later and after so many exhausting nights we were desperate. I think Philip learnt so many bad habits from his stay in hospital as there was no structured routine and when he finally fell asleep, he would be woken up by nurses to be nebulized. I would push a bottle in his mouth every 10 minutes out of desperation to stop his crying and to get him to sleep, it was a nightmare! Things got worse when he was discharged. He woke up frequently, refused to sleep by himself, we had to push him in his pram or rock him to sleep. As soon as he saw his cot he would start crying. He didn't sleep during the day and was up every 40 minutes at night. After assessing his health (never sleep train a sick baby!) we decided it was time to implement Baby Love. 

Almost two months later and we have a happy and content little guy that sleeps straight through from 18:30 to 06:30 (very happy parents?), and when he finally wakes up he is quite happy to lie in his cot cooing and playing. His day sleeps are perfect as he sleeps three times a day for 90 minutes at a time. 

Sleep training is really hard in the beginning. Philip's days took much longer to fall into place compared to his nights which fell into place after two nights of training! Remember: you are teaching your child the ultimate skill - to self soothe and the benefits far outweigh the negatives. 

Philip is thriving on the Baby Love programme. His eating and drinking has improved a lot, he settles by himself and most importantly - he sleeps a solid 12 hours stretch at night. We are happy parents and love the fact that the structured routine allows us time with his older brother and for each other. Both boys go down at 18:30 and Mom & Dad have their quality time together!!!! I love it!!!! 

The Baby Love programme brings structure back into your life. Thank you to Jacqui for helping us with both our boys! We are one happy, well-rested family!

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Successful story

Img 4904

Our daughter was born prematurely, at 33weeks. She developed a cow's milk protein allergy, together with severe reflux at 6weeks, and from there on, everything went downhill.

We endured 9months of no sleep... we were lucky to get 3-4 hours a day! 30min naps during the day and 45min cycles at night. She would be awake from 11pm to 2am and awake again at 4am (for the day).

We had endless amounts of visits to doctors, pediatricians, sisters, specialists and chiropractors. We were told our last option was a homeopath. However, we didn't feel it necessary to spend another truck load of money on doctors, as her reflux had been under control for quite a while. We were told continuously that if this or that was over, she would sleep better. That never happened. Everything in our lives was affected by our lack of sleep.

I heard about baby love at my niece's birthday party, but to be honest, my husband and I were sceptical, because she was already in a steady routine, and we were worried about the stigma around 'crying it out' and didn't think it would help us... ( and we could not have been more wrong! )

When we eventually decided to implement Baby Love, we were not at home and had to travel, but decided to at least start with their routine and feeding guideline, and to see what happens. For her age, she needed 3naps of 1 1/2 hours during the day, and 10-12 hours sleep during the night. The first day she slept for 3hours during the day and slept through the night. Despite the fact that we had to drive back, and had to do the sleep training in the car, she slept through. If I may add, she NEVER slept in a car. Not even on a 7hour drive to the seaside.

During our training journey, Leah got a tummy virus, and although we had to stop the training, she still slept through. She has been sleeping through since day 1, despite all the hiccups (teething, travelling, tummy bugs...). We just decided from the beginning to be consistent with the routine and the training, and it paid off.

I would really recommend Baby Love to ANY parents. Especially sleep deprived parents, but not exclusively.  It is so much more than just sleep training, and for us, it was a lifesaver!


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Benefits of Baby Love Once your baby is on an age-appropriate routine and can fall asleep unassisted, self soothe and link his sleep cycles by himself, you will experience the following benefits of the program: Baby Loveyou'll have structure in your life Baby Loveyou'll be able to go out as a family Baby Loveyou'll be able to eat hot dinners again Baby Loveyou'll have time to spend with your other child Baby Loveyou'll feel you're in control and feel less overwhelmed Baby Loveyour baby becomes part of the family and not the family Baby Loveyou'll be happy and content because you're well rested Baby Loveyou'll have time for yourself (read a book, relax in the bath) Baby Lovethe time spent with your baby will be enjoyable, quality time Baby Loveyou'll be able to function at work because you are well rested Baby Loveyour baby will be happy and content because he is well rested Baby Loveyou will want to spend time with your baby because he is happy Baby Lovethe risk of you suffering from depression is reduced as you are sleeping Baby Loveyou and your partner will have time for each other (introduce date nights!) Baby Loveyour consultation with your Baby Love Consultant is face-to-face so it is personal Baby Loveall the Baby Love Consultants have experienced lack of routine and sleep, so will relate to what you are going through Baby Loveyou are not alone as your Baby Love Consultant is there to support and guide you for the duration of the program Baby Loveyou'll be able to honestly say you are a happy family Baby Loveyou will have your life back
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