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A Natural Alternative To Plastic Wrap And Zip Lock BagsBuzzy Wraps™ are the natural alternative to plastic food storage.Wrap cheese, half of an avocado, a loaf of bread, kids sandwich, or cover a bowl or jar.Our Wax Wraps are made with beeswax, organic...

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BuzzyWraps - top eco products of all time

Blue Dot Buzzy Wraps

"If all my boxes were ticked by one product,these beeswax wraps would be it. They’re proudly SA, highly innovative, plastic free, discourage single-use plastics and make my life so much easier because I can just seal a container or singular food item like half and avo or loaf or bread without needing yet another container. They’re just the best."

In reflecting back on the last 11 years of this amazing journey that has been manifesting and building Faithful to Nature, I gave some thought to the products that have really been, I guess, what you would call pillars for me throughout this time. I have a soft spot for products that provide genuine “green innovation”...Check out the full article

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