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I am passionate about proactive health and wellness through the use of Essential Oils. About a year ago I started investigating alternative natural remedies for the treatment of ADHD for my son as I didn’t like the side effects of the medication on his body , and this when I stumbled across...

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Back to school

Help your child be the best that they can be.. These oils are the only CPTG oils on the planet .Be sure that you are only using the best, purest and safest for them. Contact me for more info .

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Vetiver a. natural solution

With work and school back into full swing , we all could do with some dōTERRA Vetiver . This amazing oil can help with that mid afternoon slump , help calm our nerves or even help our children to re-focus on their heaps of homework after a long day at school .

Do you want to learn more about these oils ? You can share and educate others on the health benefits that come from using these precious gifts of the earth and create your own online business while doing so ? For more information Contact me

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Buy one get one free !

Apply The dōTERRA serenity blend to calm the mind and soothe the senses .. this oil is known to help with sleep as well . dōTERRA balance brings grounding and balance effect on the emotions . Buy the serenity for R 910 and receive the balance valued at R510 absoloutely free ! Special ends at midnight .Prices exclude shipping 

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Quality and Purity

Oh yes .. that’s why I LOVE dōTERRA. The quality and purity just can’t compare to other oils ! 

Contact me for more info :

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Be “On Guard “for your family

Did you know that the flu Virus can survive 1-2 days on a non-porous surface and 8-12 hours on a porous surface ? Yikes !! Every family should keep dōTERRA on-guard ! 

If you’re interested in finding out more about using these wonderful Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for the health and wellbeing of you and your family you have an amazing opportunity to get a wholesale account to get your products at wholesale prices plus much more . Contact me

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A beautiful start

🐝 Happy weekend everyone ... why not start your day beautifully ?  Essential oils can boost your mood , make your home smell amazing and much much more 🐝

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What’s all the fuss about ?

What’s all the fuss about ?? 

I was amazed to hear that a panel of medical Doctors are incorporating these oils in their practices and operating rooms ! Gosh if they can see the value,  then what are we waiting for?

If you want to learn more about these oils and how it can help your family and perhaps even start an online business centered around health and wellness contact me #dōTERRA 

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dōTERRA Hacks

There’s an oil for every situation .. isn’t nature so amazing ! Call me for an oil to help you along the way ,  we all need a “ friend “ to help us through ! 

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No more fear little one !

We all could do with some more peace in our lives ! Wow another amazing testimony by a medical doctor who uses dōTERRA in her practice . A little boy was scared of dogs and she applied the dōTERRA  “ peace “ on his toe and the results were amazing . What are your child’s fears ? Let dōTERA peace help them 

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Happy baby = Happy mommy

We all know that when baby is happy then mommy is happy too ! Clove has been used for years in dental preparations . Clove is also a powerful antioxidant that can help ward off free radicals . One drop of Clove oil diluted with fractionated coconut oil applied to the gums can help soothe the teeth and gums ! 

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Not all Oils are created the same !

Did you know that in SA for an oil to be classified as “ organic “ it only needs to have 10 % organic material and the rest can be cheap fillers ? How scary ... dōTERRA is the only Essential oil in the world classified as certified pure therapeutic grade ! So you can be sure the oil inside is 100 % pure .

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Essential oils - safe for babies too !

Essential oils can be used safely and very effectively on babies provided the oils are diluted according to safety instructions. Are you interested in finding out more about how you can improve sleep, reduce crying, ease tummy discomfort, protect from harmful viruses, ease earache, alleviate coughs... these oils are your mamma manna! For more info, inbox me.

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