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Mamahood came about by bringing moms from local communities together to uplift, encourage, support and celebrate each other in this journey of  motherhood.  Mamahood quickly grew into a vibrant village and allowed us to realize our dream of inspiring moms to grow their own businesses...

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Receive 40% off your Mamahood listing for TODAY only! Signing up is easy and must take place directly on the Mamahood website.

Take advantage of this great offer by following the steps below:

1. Visit the plans & pricing section here:

2. At the bottom of this page select which payment option you would prefer, you can choose between a debit order or prepaid option.

3. Redeem your 40% discount voucher using the following code MHBLACKFRIDAY

4. Complete the business registration form and accept the Terms & Conditions. Please read through the T&C’s carefully as these contain important information.

5. Submit your order.

6. Once you have submitted your order you will receive an email confirming your registration as well as a link to your listing dashboard.

7. Your listing dashboard will be found inside your member profile along with your message centre, news feed and all your business features.

8. In the same email confirmation you will also receive a link to our Starter Guide. This will give you detailed steps on how to go about setting up your business profile. There will also be some great tips on how to advertise on the Mamahood platform.

9. Please remember to publish your listing once you have set it up.

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Mamahood is a platform with a large targeted audience for you to showcase your products & services. They are committed to empowering local South African businesses and are ready to cater to your unique advertising needs. 

The Mamahood Facebook groups provide an excellent targeted audience for you to market your business on. Mamahood is a rapidly growing dynamic, interactive & responsive networking platform. They have affordable Social Media Advertising options available to give you the potential to reach more customers than ever.

By having a listing on the Mamahood website this will allow you to create and manage your own Business Profile and easily connect with other businesses and all 180 000 Mamahood members.

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Welcome to Mamahood

Welcome Image 01

Welcome to Mamahood, South Africa's leading business networking community.  Mamahood is a platform that is made up of an extensive online directory with a wide range of businesses, along with a very vibrant and active Facebook community.

Mamahood has always strongly believed in creating a platform where local businesses are promoted and we always want to encourage our members to support local business. Mamahood believes that when you buy from a small family run business you are assisting them to be able to provide for their families. Your support can make a big difference in their own lives and the lives of others. 

Mamahood has an amazing selection of local listed businesses on our directory. Go ahead and favourite some of our great businesses and you can keep up to date with all their news, specials and all their exciting developments. You can favourite a business by clicking the heart on their listing or newsfeed posts.  You can have a look at all our listed businesses in our directory and we encourage you to shop local.  Mamahood - Made with Love.

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Publish your business articles on Mamahood

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Did you know Mamahood has a great article section where all our listed businesses can publish their articles.

See our article sectionHERE
We share all the articles to the Mamahood South Africa page and across all our Facebook groups, making this a great way to connect with your customers. We have found time and time again that our members love reading articles and this is another method of introducing people to your business.

All articles on Mamahood are linked to your business listing profile within Mamahood and now you can start an article library of your own in your profile.

We really encourage all our businesses to get those creative juices flowing and make use of another avenue to engage your customers.

You can send your articles via email to, please be sure to include a title and cover photo. Also please add any additional photos that you think will spice up your article.

We are looking forward to helping promote some great pieces from you all.

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New Facebook group for our Business Community

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We at Mamahood are thrilled to let you know that we have created a new nationwide Business Community Facebook group. The aim of this group is to provide another platform for all our listed businesses from across the country to promote their business on. The Mamahood business community is a place where members can easily network with all the great businesses that are listed on the Mamahood website. This is a public group where both men and women from across South Africa may join. This group differs from our regional Mamahood advice groups, its sole purpose is to provide a platform, where our listed business and members can network and support local entrepreneurs in our thriving community.

The Mamahood website showcases hundreds of fantastic local businesses that provide some of the best products and services South Africa has to offer. This group is an extension of the Mamahood website and is the perfect place for you to promote your business on for members to browse through the various businesses and see what you have to offer….This is a business community group and members will only be able to make business related queries on this group. One of the benefits is that only you as a listed business will be able to make advertising posts and respond to any requests of a product or service.

Please go ahead & join our Business Community group here and start promoting your business today!  Tell your friends to join, men & women, so they can start browsing & supporting all the businesses  in our community.

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Here is to a successful 2017

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We want to wish all our listed businesses a happy New Year and hope you had an amazing festive season. We trust you all have come back to work with renewed energy and inspirational ideas. We hope to see everyone embrace the community spirit we want to foster with our new business networking website. Let us all live up to the Mamahood philosophy and uplift, encourage, support and celebrate each other. The website is look amazing with all of the businesses setting up and publishing their business profiles and we can't wait to show you the full website once we do the final launch. Here is to a very successful year in business.

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Have a wonderful Christmas & New Years to all our loyal Mamahood Businesses

Screen Shot 2016 12 22 At 11.20.37

Another year has past and this has brought a huge amount of growth in our membership, and we can’t believe that we have almost 120 000 members. This is all thanks to you our members, thanks to your interactions on the groups, your encouragement of your fellow moms and your willingness to support one another through this mamahood journey. This year has also seen the development of our new website, which we recently launched to all our listed businesses. We are thrilled to share this with you and we know that with this new platform we will be able help all our businesses reach new customers and realize their business goals. We have a lot in store for this next year and can’t wait to start this new adventure. Your support is what makes it all worth it and we can’t express our gratitude warmly enough for engaging on the Mamahood Facebook groups and being a valued part of our business community. Next year we are sure everyone will come back with renewed energy and inspirational ideas. We hope to see everyone embrace the community spirit we want to foster with our new business networking website. Let us all live up to the Mamahood philosophy and uplift, encourage, support and celebrate each other. We want to say a huge thank you to all of our loyal customers. We sincerely appreciate your support. Wishing you and your families all the best in 2017.

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We are so excited to see all the new business profiles

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Since our pre launch last week our directory is starting to fill up with some awesome new business profiles. We are thrilled to see how great these new listings are looking. If you have not yet set up your listing, go ahead and add in all your business details and pictures. And most important don't forget to publish your listing when you are ready.

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Welcome to the new Mamahood business community website

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We are so excited that this day has finally arrived and we get to share all our hard work with you. Earlier this year we decided to redesign our website to be able to provide all our businesses with some great new features which will give you the tools to be able to take your business to the next level. Our main goal is to provide you with a platform where you can easily connect with your customers and establish your brand and most importantly make those sales. And this is just the beginning, we have so many more amazing things planned for 2017. So watch this space….

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There is a rating and review system on the Mamahood website whereby any Mamahood member that has used a service your provide or purchased a product that you sell can now rate your business directly on your business profile. Having a rating and review system creates trust between your business and new potential customers as they can feel confident that you have provided good quality service in the past. This provides a great way to develop a closer relationship with your customers.
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