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What’s MeeMee’s all about? MeeMee’s Photography is made up of a creative, short little lady and her technical, tall-ish husband. These two are as opposite as the Moon and the Sun, but together, they share a love for photography and stranger things. The couple has been photographing all kinds of...

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It's Competition time!

Enter our amazing competition on Facebook and stand a chance to win a FREE PHOTO SHOOT!

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Fun Photo Booth

Fun for all occasions: parties, corporate functions and weddings. 

Have a look at MeeMee's Photography and Photo Booth for the best photo booth experience! We offer fun, themed and personalised photo booths and our various packages are made to suit everyone's budget. 

Combine a photo booth with our wedding or event photography packages, and get AMAZING discount.

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Capital Park, Pretoria, GP
082 328 2662