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 A play activity programme developed by an Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist specifically for babies in their first year The programme is offered once a week and includes:    • Guided play and exploration with age appropriate toys    • Easy-to-do exercises...

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Has anyone ever thought what we do in our classes for 6-9 month old babies?

In the “Babes” group (6-9 months), we concentrate on the following activities 

•Eye muscle exercises

•Audio stimulation

•Vestibular stimulation

•Fine motor skills – letting go, grasp, wrist movements

•Gross motor co-ordination and postural development

  1. Rolling – encouraging active involvement of the babes
  2. Development of greater strength and endurance in tummy lying, to prepare for the milestone of creeping and crawling
  3. Sitting - Developing core strength and sitting balance. Moving in and out of the sitting position to reach in all directions and across the body mid-line.

•Using balls, rollers, wedges and other equipment to experience the pleasure of body awareness and moving in space. 

•Exploring textures / Sensory Texture play 

*Playing with a variety of textured objects and ‘feels’, to promote sensory awareness, fine motor skill, body awareness and creativity

*Movement to music

*Musical instruments which require shaking and banging, to develop the shoulder girdle and the sense of rhythm.

*Action Songs to link the words with meaning and body movement, and to develop the pleasure of music.

•Hand Massage 

•And lets not forget, we have LOADS of FUN!!

Moms and Babes Roodepoort

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Moms and Babes Roodepoort opening 11 January 2019

Super excited for the new year and term, cant wait to see all the mommies and babies supporting one another and learning how to stimulate their baby.

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Great stimulation classes offered for baby and infant massage for mommy and baby bonding.
Shikirah Roth
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