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Being a mother has been an incredible journey and the very foundation on which Mothers & Things has been built. Mothers & Things has always been researching new and innovative products, trying to make motherhood simpler, more cost effective and unique whilst saving time, which is our...

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Eco friendly bamboo dinner sets

NEW in stock!Eco friendly and fully biodegradable. Kids bamboo fibre dinner set. Owl and dinosaur designs. Contact

R220.00 exclusive of delivery 

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Our pee-wee boys frog urinal is easily mounted onto glass, tile or wall with double sided tape and suction cups.

Usually boys are potty trained on a potty thus the pee-wee is ideal as it encourages correct standing position for urinating just like dad!

Each pee-wee comes standard with a spinning wheel which encourages correct aiming so that your little guy doesn't splatter all over the place and also makes it so much fun!

It's detachable, making it easy to clean and hygienic.

The size of the pee-wee is 30 cm in length and 16 cm wide.

Available in 3 colours, Beige, Blue and Green.

Price R239.99 per item and excludes delivery costs.

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Food feeders

Our baby silicone chewable food feeder is great for any food (age appropriate) including: frozen strawberries, berries, bananas, carrots, frozen juice, chicken and more! 4 Colours available

ONLY R69.00 VAT inclusive- Delivery costs excluded

Convenient for any types of food while reducing the risk of choking

BPA free

Food grade silicone

Hygienic and easy to clean (no more messy mesh bags!)

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Travel Pillows


ONLY R99.99 inclusive of VAT and excluding delivery

Make travelling much more comfortable for your kids,

Travel pillow attaches onto/around the seat belt.

It is not a safety device.

Keeps necks upright and prevents strain during travelling

Made out of soft cushion material

Various colours available

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Beautiful cotton beach sandles for girls/boys

Imported from Thailand

Rubber soles and great quality

Various designs available

R100.00 excluding delivery

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Make any cup a sippy cup!!

Sippy Lid
B11143 Snug 04 1
Tot Group


Make any cup a sippy cup with our silicone sippy cup covers. Non leak, Food grade silicone, BPA free and dishwasher/sterilizer safe. 

Only R70.00 including VAT and excluding delivery. Various colours available. Shop online

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Teething pain and dental hygeine

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Image 8 Small

Approved by dentists!

For all teething toddlers who don't want to brush their teeth. Try our Tiny Chewbrush which not only assists in teething by massaging the gums but also brushes the teeth!

Our Tiny Chewbrush is a chewable toothbrush, which is 100 % Silicone and BPA FREE!

Designed to fit in the mouth correctly

Safe and easy to use

Dishwasher and steriliser safe

May be used with our without tooth gel/paste

Shop online or contact us on

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Keep water out of your baby's eyes and ears while washing hair, No more tears!

Shampoo Cap Mp 2
Shampoo Cap Mp 2


@ Mothers & ThingsMake washing hair easier for mom, and a lot more relaxed and fun for baby using our shampoo cap!

Flexible and soft-made from EVA foam

Durable, safe and easy to use, comes with adjustable clips so you can size accordingly

Keep baby's from crying and keep shampoo out of their eyes and ears

Shop online or contact us on

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