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I'm an experienced C-section doula. I assist mothers having elective or emergency C-sections at Midrand, Centurion & PTA hospitals. I have ample experience in operating theatres and threatre procedures. As a doula I am trained to help women and their families while giving birth, whether that...

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I was very glad my husband and I had Nicci by our side during our daughter's birth. We were hoping for a natural birth, but when things didn't work out as planned Nicci helped us prepare for the c-section, answered lots of questions, and took photos. By photographing the birth, she not only documented my daughter's earliest moments, but also gave my husband the ability to simply hold my hand, which was what I needed most from him. It was difficult for me to relax during the surgery, but Nicci's calm, steady presence helped me keep breathing. Since my daughter required medical attention after she was born, I wasn't able to try to breastfeed her until the next morning, but Nicci and I messaged about breastfeeding in the days after we left the hospital. It was a big comfort knowing she was there for me!
Rebecca White

Nicci was invaluable to us when our son was born. Our Gyne recommended Nicci as the best Doula he has worked with. And I agree! Even though it was not a planned c-section she was there to answer any questions we had during and after the c-section. Because of her, we stayed calm and enjoyed the unplanned route. She stayed by my side when my hubby went with our son when he was taken for tests. It was so comforting to have her there, and not be alone on the operating table. She stayed with me after the birth to help establish breastfeeding, making sure that baby latched correctly. And because of those first moments of help we had, I am still enjoying breastfeeding my little prince who is now 5 months old. Nicci took the most gorgeous pictures for us during the birth and it is amazing to have the pictures to look back on that special day. I would recommend Nicci to anyone who is planning a c-section and I would definitely use her again.
Marlize Koen
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