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Mums, especially new mums are often left with a huge gap where their old identity used to be.  A sense of a loss of self, lack of focus and a general feeling of not coping can make you feel down, stuck and unable to enjoy very much at all.  What would it mean to you to be able to...

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Personal Breakthrough Workshop for Women - 25 Feb

Nlp Flyer   Personal Breakthrough Workshop For Women   February 2017

In the Personal Breakthrough Workshop for Women, we uncover how you create patterns that keep you stuck. The objective is to get you unstuck, to make your life lighter. We are not expecting you to reach enlightenment in one day, just a shift in awareness along with some practical steps to get you started. It’s amazing how the safety of a sisterhood can facilitate the change you need to make.

In the Personal Breakthrough Workshop for Women, you will learn:

  • Why you perpetuate unwanted behaviour
  • What you can do to get unstuck
  • How you can make your life lighter

Date: Saturday 25 February, 9am to 3.30pm - includes lunch.

Venue: Auberge Hollandaise, 106 Kenneth Kaunda Drive, Durban North.

Cost: R1 250 per person - book and pay before 17 February and pay only R1 000.

Stephanie Moss and Lynda Irvine-Leversha are NLP Master Practitioners who have worked with hundreds of women, empowering them by leading them back to their ‘real’ selves.

To book your space contact NLP Durban on 082 990 0090 or Stephanie: 074 112 2818,

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