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PhyziqueSlim supplies an arrange of wellness products from immune to Energy Boosters.We also include our signature product which is our Very Yummy Weight loss Slimoast CoffeeWe have a tasty Juice for those not so much into Coffee.We have an effective Detox Range (Day and NIght)Our PrevailMax...

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Get Your Summer Bodies on

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Break Through   Detox

I know I have been through this as well after having kids.

Do you feel like you need a boost to get your body kick started into loosing weight and just feeling better.

we have an amazing detox pack. Orders only.

* its for 12 days only. 

* 1 sachet in the morning and 1 in the evening.

* Recommendations of staying away from  any Carbs and Dairy

* Lots of water.

You can loose weight off this and feel better with loads of more energy and a full cleanse.

R850 for the 12 days. Once done you can do our Weight Loss S;imRoast Coffee or Trim Juice. 1 sachet a day.

Contact me for me information

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South Africa
072 958 2571
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