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What is a Weighted Blanket?A weighted blanket is in essence, a blanket with extra weight in it.Weighted blankets provide deep touch pressure or DTP. DTP is about gently applying pressure to the body to increase the release of serotonin, a chemical in the body that promotes...

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The facts about weighted blankets:

The Facts

33% of people using a weighted blanket had decreases in their nervous system overactivity.

63% reported having lower anxiety.

78% preferred the weighted blanket as a tool to relieve anxiety over any other option.

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According to a published study in Occupational Therapy in Mental Health

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Light-weight, cool weighted blankets

If you are concerned about the warmth of our blankets or if you are a "Hot" sleeper, then this is for you. We have a very lightweight, 100% cotton fabric in a melange, solid grey colour. The weight of the blanket serves it's purpose by giving you the comfort of DTP without being overly "hot", so to speak, and the solid grey finish is easy to match with your existing linens.

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Are you or your loved one experiencing anxiety about chemotherapy?

Are you or your loved one experiencing anxiety about chemotherapy? The most common side effect of cancer and cancer treatments is fatigue. Anxiety can exacerbate fatigue and fatigue can fuel anxiety in a vicious cycle - leaving you exhausted but unable to get proper rest. Going through chemotherapy also causes mental anguish. "Will the chemo work? How can I rest?"

PrettySpecial Weighted blankets are useful in aiding relaxation and security in a portable, drug-free, and comfortable way. Why not bless a family member or friend with a weighted blanket this Christmas!

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PrettySpecial is now Eco-Friendly :)

Hi everyone. PrettySpecial has gone green! We are now using 100% Eco-friendly pellets as our filler for all our products. You can continue washing the blankets as normal as they dry quickly and don’t carry water. We are proudly South African and proudly environment friendly! Please share this post with as many as possible. God bless, The PrettySpecial team. #weightedblanket#asd#sleeplessnights#ecofriendly#ecofriendlyproducts#smallbusiness

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