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I made it a mission of mine to make sure that my clients/future clients get the best service, best advice and best insurance to provide for their dependents in the case death,disability or a dreaded decease occursWe at Liberty life help take care of orphans and widows when you are no longer...

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Last wills/Testaments

Need a last will? Want to make sure your family is sorted financially?

No problem, I can help you with a free will and free consultation to revise your financial planning

E-mail me at and I will come to you

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Taking care when you can't be there

The best thing you can do for your loved ones is taking care of them after you are no longer there

Let me help you to provide for them and your child's education by assisting you with your financial planning and to make sure that you are covered for unforseen events

Contact me directly for a free consultation today

cellphone: 076 428 2124
Office: 012 111 018

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Armfin Office Suites
124 Willem Botha St
South Africa
076 428 2124
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Monday-Sunday08:00 AM - 08:00 PM