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Our daughter was born prematurely, at 33weeks. She developed a cow's milk protein allergy, together with severe reflux at 6weeks, and from there on, everything went downhill.

We endured 9months of no sleep... we were lucky to get 3-4 hours a day! 30min naps during the day and 45min cycles at night. She would be awake from 11pm to 2am and awake again at 4am (for the day).

We had endless amounts of visits to doctors, pediatricians, sisters, specialists and chiropractors. We were told our last option was a homeopath. However, we didn't feel it necessary to spend another truck load of money on doctors, as her reflux had been under control for quite a while. We were told continuously that if this or that was over, she would sleep better. That never happened. Everything in our lives was affected by our lack of sleep.

I heard about baby love at my niece's birthday party, but to be honest, my husband and I were sceptical, because she was already in a steady routine, and we were worried about the stigma around 'crying it out' and didn't think it would help us... ( and we could not have been more wrong! )

When we eventually decided to implement Baby Love, we were not at home and had to travel, but decided to at least start with their routine and feeding guideline, and to see what happens. For her age, she needed 3naps of 1 1/2 hours during the day, and 10-12 hours sleep during the night. The first day she slept for 3hours during the day and slept through the night. Despite the fact that we had to drive back, and had to do the sleep training in the car, she slept through. If I may add, she NEVER slept in a car. Not even on a 7hour drive to the seaside.

During our training journey, Leah got a tummy virus, and although we had to stop the training, she still slept through. She has been sleeping through since day 1, despite all the hiccups (teething, travelling, tummy bugs...). We just decided from the beginning to be consistent with the routine and the training, and it paid off.

I would really recommend Baby Love to ANY parents. Especially sleep deprived parents, but not exclusively.  It is so much more than just sleep training, and for us, it was a lifesaver!


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