Success Story

Luwaldt Van Der Linde

My son Luwaldt (a wonderful blessing in our lives) has never been a great sleeper, but by around 10 months of age we hit rock bottom. He was up between 8 and 11 times per night and there was no daytime routine to talk about. The only way I could settle him to sleep was by breastfeeding and rocking, which took forever. I was teary and short tempered and very, very tired, as was my husband. 

In all honesty, the Baby Love routine was tough the first day or two. Luwaldt cried quite a bit, but we persevered. His sleeping improved tremendously from the second day onwards. He now falls asleep on his own (no more rocking or feeding). His day routine is like clockwork. I can plan outings and activities because I know when he will be sleeping and for how long. He still wakes about once per night, but we can more than deal with this. Luwaldt is also a happier child, because he is getting enough rest and there is structure to his day. We are soooo greatful that we implemented the Baby Love program. I loved the fact that their approach was holistic. Highly recommended!! x

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