Publish your business articles on Mamahood

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Did you know Mamahood has a great article section where all our listed businesses can publish their articles.

See our article sectionHERE
We share all the articles to the Mamahood South Africa page and across all our Facebook groups, making this a great way to connect with your customers. We have found time and time again that our members love reading articles and this is another method of introducing people to your business.

All articles on Mamahood are linked to your business listing profile within Mamahood and now you can start an article library of your own in your profile.

We really encourage all our businesses to get those creative juices flowing and make use of another avenue to engage your customers.

You can send your articles via email to, please be sure to include a title and cover photo. Also please add any additional photos that you think will spice up your article.

We are looking forward to helping promote some great pieces from you all.

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