Fat Freezing procedures targeted fat reduction only R3000 for 2 areas

When you diet and exercise, there is no doubt that you shrink, BUT, you don't necessarily lose in the right places! Often we will be at our ideal BMI but still have pockets of unwanted fat in some areas. 

Body sculpting, is a term used in the aesthetic industry to describe, safe, non-surgical methods of removing stubborn pockets of fat to sculpt the body into your desired shape. 

There are several technologies developed to sculpt the body non-surgically. Nine aesthetics, has several options one of which being Cryolipolisis or fat freezing.

Fat Freezing, also known as Cryolipolysis or Cool sculpting, is a treatment where fatty pockets are sucked up and frozen to temperatures between -5 and -9 degrees Celsius. Because fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than for example tissue and skin cells this system damages only your fat cells, and keeps all other important tissues intact and unharmed. 

The damaged fat cells are then removed through your body’s natural elimination systems: lymphatic system, liver and kidneys. This elimination process takes approximately 60 days to complete, so expect to see results 6 to 8 weeks after treatment.

Not sure if this treatment is for you? Book a consultation with us and find out! +27662071047 or 010 900 2219 or email us info@nineaesthetics.co.za #bodytreatments #fatfreezing #cryolipolysis#aesthetics #aestheticspa #loveyourself #nonsurgicallipo #antiageing#lookgoodfeelgood

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