Esse probiotic facials, reseed your skins natural biome

Every human being, is a complex eco system of cells and *microbes* with an average of 10 microbes per human cell. Microbes play a vital role in our survival with functions such as aiding digestion, stimulating immune response, producing anti microbials and vital vitamins.

The skin is your bodies first line of defence against toxins and pathogens. In a healthy skin your microbial residents are commensal (which means they work in a symbiotic relationship with the skin) or transient (Temporary). Harsh environmental conditions such as, very dry, cold weather, too much sun exposure and synthetic chemicals and soaps found in many cosmetics damage your skins micro biome (The healthy community of bacteria on your skin) and favour the growth of pathogenic organisms. In pathogenic interactions the microbes benefit to the detriment of the host, leading to disease, and imbalances such as sensitive, dehydrated skin, acne, and premature ageing.

Examples of pathogenic bacteria found on your skins biome would be Proprionibacterium, Staphyloccoci, Micrococci and Corynebacteria.

In an ideal environment, your resident bacteria will reproduce and create a symbiotic community on your skin. This healthy community acts as a strong barrier to your skin, ensuring that toxins and pathogens acquired from the environment are kept at bay and moisture and healthy nutrients essential for skin health are locked in.

Colonising your skin with healthy bacteria with the use of a probiotic skin care range controls the production of pathogenic harmful organisms, increases your skins barrier function and immune response, inhibits ageing caused by inflammation and is therefore imperative for skin health!

At Nine Aesthetics, we believe that supporting and feeding your skins biome will ensure a healthier, more radiant and youthful skin. We worked hard and did our research to find you the best in probiotic skin care and we were very surprised to find the best right on our doorstep!

Introducing: Esse probiotic skin care

Not only are they the leaders in their field and the creators of the revolutionary Biome technology. They are the creators of the first 2 LIVE PROBIOTIC SERUMS!!

We also love them because:


Reset and balance your skins biome with a tailormade Esse probiotic facial or come in for a free skin analysis and we will help you to find the best products for your skin!

When you support Nine Aesthetics and Esse probiotic skin care you can do so guilt free and with a happy heart, knowing that you support brands with strong ethics and a passion for you and your environment!

Nine Aesthetics; Innovative aesthetic solutions, inspired by nature.

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