Understanding water

Are you an adult that doesn't know how to swim? Is this because you are afraid of how odd it feels when you are in the water?

For this reason we have decided to start a series of posts briefly explaining some of the properties of water and how this affects you and your body, and why your body feels so different in water.

This week we start with BUOYANCY
Buoyancy is the opposite to gravity. When you are walking on land gravity is the force that pulls you down. When you are in water, buoyancy is the force that pushes you up.
Basically, buoyancy gives you the ability to float in water.

The following factors affect buoyancy:
- Body density
- Lung capacity
- Anxiety level
- Centre of gravity

Getting used to the weightlessness in water due to buoyancy is strange at first, but can be fun and exciting when you know what to expect.

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