Success Story

Nicholas Hoines

Nicholas was 14mnths/15mnths and he was still waking up for a bottle at about 2am every morning, and by this time and after doing it for so long I was exhausted. We were also planning to start for a second child and so I thought I have to do something now or I will be waking up for 2 children for feeds instead of one. 

Jacqui put us on a strict 3 week sleep and eating routine and it worked wonders. The first 3 nights were the hardest and my heart broke as he cried that first night, but I knew that it was for the good of all of us and today he is eating better and sleep right through now for 2 months and I have my sense of humour back! 

I could've followed the books for sleep training but I thought that I need to take mine and Nicholas situation and apply the sleep training to us and that is exactly what Jacqui did and was worth every penny. The nice thing is that you can contact Jacqui when you need her advice she is there for you for support. 

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