Domestic Wallet

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We as moms know just how valuable our domestic workers are to us. They are worth their weight in gold! The question is – do we comply with legislation in terms of their contract, salaries, leave, UIF etc?The Domestic Portal assists with:

  • assessing your compliance
  • gives you access to a standard contract that can be downloaded and adapted for your employee
  • a wage calculator and payslip generator
  • a leave register system
  • a step to step guide as to how to deal with discipline 

 Above all – for R150 subscription a month your domestic angel will receive the following benefits:

  • Funeral cover to the value of R10 000
  • Accident cover to the value of R30 000
  • Repatriation (limited to R35 000)
  • Trauma Counceling
  • ER24 and HIV/Aids Assist Programs also available to employee

 …AND MUCH MORE…. Create peace of mind for both yourself and your domestic employee. Please LIKE our Facebook page, visit our website to subscribe or contact me at or further info 

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